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1. 本实验室概要介绍如下:

• 实验室面向未来多媒体发展方向,侧重于浸入式媒体计算和智能媒体计算研究领域,获国家和省部级奖励,多项技术进入国际标准等;

• 引入Agile管理方式促进学生综合素养提升,提倡内部交流合作创新;

• 提供国内外知名公司高校实习交流机会,促进学生全面发展;

• 欢迎有潜质并有热情致力于高水平研究的同学加入。

2. 夏令营期间有参观实验室环节,欢迎参观并交流询问实验室情况。

• 时间:7月16日晚上19:00~21:00,17日下午14:00~16:00。

• 地点:西区科技楼西楼1112视频主观评测实验室。

3. 夏令营期间有面试环节,面试流程预计两个小时左右,侧重编程和英文论文阅读能力的了解。欢迎大家提前联系本实验室(邮箱:, ; 手机: 18920481309)。

• 时间:7月17日晚上18:00~22:00,18日晚上18:00~22:00。

• 地点:西区科技楼西楼1213。

Short Bio

Zhibo Chen is now a full professor in University of Science and Technology of China. He received the B.Sc., and Ph.D. degree from Department of Electrical Engineering Tsinghua University respectively, with excellent Ph.D thesis award. He has worked in SONY and Thomson before joining USTC. He used to be Principal Scientist, Distinguished Member of Thomson Fellowship and Research Manager in Thomson Research & Innovation Division.

His research interests include image and video compression, visual quality of experience assessment, immersive media computing and intelligent media computing. He has over100 journal and conference publications (e.g. IEEE TIP, TCSVT, CVPR, AAAI, IJCAI, ICME, ISCAS, ICIP, etc.), over 50 granted US/EU patent applications, some of his standard proposals have been adopted in MPEG/VCEG on video coding and ITU-T P.1202 on video quality assessment. His contribution of UMH Fast ME algorithm has been adopted by H.264 standard reference model, largely cited and widely used in real applications. He also won the second prize of the China National Natural Science Award in 2018.

He is now an IEEE senior member. He served as TPC chair of Picture Coding Symposium 2019, member of Technical Committee of IEEE CAS Visual Signal Processing and Communications (VSPC), member of ISCAS RC from 2007 to 2019, Co-Editor of IEEE JSAC QoE-Aware Wireless Multimedia Systems, Organization Committee member/Area Chair of IEEE ICME/ICIP/VCIP/PCS, etc.

Research activities and interests

Intelligent Media Computing

  • Media representation, coding, analysis, synthesis
  • Image to image transformation
  • Reinforcement learning and meta-learning for media processing

Immersive Media Computing

  • VR media content representation, compression and transmission
  • Light Field and Point Cloud media coding
  • Immersive multidimensional media quality assessment

Professional Association

[1] IEEE Senior Member.

[2] Member of Technical Committee of IEEE CAS Visual Signal Processing and Communications (VSPC).

[3] Member of Technical Committee of IEEE CAS Education and Outreach (CASEO).

[4] Member of Image, Video, and Multimedia (IVM) Technical Committee of APSIPA (Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association).

[5] Chair of Technical Program Committee of international Picture Coding Symposium 2019.

[6] Program Committee member of ACM Multimedia 2019.

[7] Member of Review Committee of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2007~2019.

[8] Area Chair/TPC Member of IEEE VCIP (Visual Communications and Image Processing) 2010~2019.

[9] Member of Best Paper Selection Committee of IEEE VCIP (Visual Communications and Image Processing) 2012.

[10] Chair Editor of IEEE MMTC E-Letter special issue on “Quality of Experience issues in media delivery”, 2011.

[11] Co-Editor of IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications QoE-Aware Wireless Multimedia Systems 2011.

[12] Organization Committee member, Chair of ICME 2011 Multimedia Standard, Services and QoE Track.

National Fundings

[1] 国家重点研发计划,2016YFC0801001 ,课题负责人

[2] 国家自然科学基金,NSFC-61571413 ,课题负责人

[3] 国家自然科学基金重点项目,NSFC-61632001,子课题负责人

[4] 国家自然科学基金重大项目,NSFC-61390514,子课题负责人

[5] 国家科技部973重点研发项目,2015CB351803,主要参与人


[1] 国家自然科学二等奖 2018

[2] 教育部自然科学一等奖 2017

[3] 电子学会自然科学一等奖 2015