Chao-Yang Lu’s academic webpage

      PhD from University of Cambridge (2011), Professor of Physics at University of Science and Technology of China (since 2011)


l  Research interest

Quantum foundations, quantum computation, solid-state quantum photonics, multi-particle entanglement, quantum teleportation, superconducting quantum computing etc.

In collaboration with Prof. Jian-Wei Pan (director of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Division), I am leading three teams on quantum foundations and quantum technology with atoms, photons, and solid states (APS). The team has currently 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 postdocs and 20 students.

l  Publications

2 Reviews of Modern Physics, 4 Science, 7 Nature, 4 Nature Physics, 5 Nature Photonics, 2 Nature Nanotechnology, 4 PNAS, 42 PRL, 1 PRX, 1 Physics Reports, 2 Nano Lett.,; with >13600 citations updated in Google Scholar. See updates in Google scholar; The first page of Google Scholar:


l  Recent news from the group members


Ø  12-05-2021 Chao-Yang was awarded James P. Gordon Memorial Speakership by CLEO.

Ø  04-05-2021 九章团队入选中国青年五四集体奖章。

Ø  14-04-2021 Jiuzhang was awarded top10 global digital innovations by UNESCO Netexplo forum 2021. 九章入选联合国教科文组织Netexplo全球十大数字创新。

Ø  14-04-2021 We launched the World Quantum Day. China’s representative: Prof. Chao-Yang Lu and Jian-Wei Pan.

Ø  10-03-2021 Chao-Yang was selected as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Ø  16-02-2021 Our Science paper entitled “Quantum computational advantage using photons” was “The 5 most popular scientific papers of December 2020 in the Nature Index journals”. The paper has been covered by almost 100 news outlets to date, has an altmetric value of 1650, and has reached an audience on Twitter of more than 6 million.

Ø  21-01-2021 九章入选两院院士评选的中国科技十大进展新闻。

Ø  21-01-2021 九章入选《科技日报》中国年度十大科技新闻。

Ø  15-01-2021 Chao-Yang was selected as Innovator of the Year by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ø  30-12-2020 九章入选腾讯青少年科学小会联合Science评选的年度科学突破榜首。

Ø  29-12-2020 九章入选新华社评选的中国年度十大国内新闻。

Ø  12-12-2020 The Foundation’s general secretary Chao-Yang Lu announced today that the Micius Quantum prize 2020 goes to Carlton Caves, Jun Ye, and Hidetoshi Katori.

Ø  08-12-2020 MIT Professor Peter Shor wrote a poem on his twitter in celebration of our Jiuzhang quantum computer.

Ø  04-12-2020 After years’ of hard work, our paper on Gaussian boson sampling with up to 76 detected photons out of 100 modes are published in Science. It soon reached a full text download of >260 thousands, and attracted media attention from Nature, Scientific American, Physics World, New Scientist, Science News, Wired, and OPN.

Ø  17-11-2020 Entanglement cloning published in PRL today.

Ø  27-10-2020 Adiabatic variational quantum computing with a superconducting quantum coprocessor published in PRL today.

Ø  22-10-2020 Quantum 2020 attracted 4458 registrations from 103 different countries. More than 40 thousand online views. Chao-Yang serves as the Chair of the organization committee.

Ø  19-10-2020 Quantum 2020 conference started today.

Ø  18-10-2020 Chao-Yang is awarded中国青年科技奖 and gives a plenary talk at the World Young Scientist Summit.

Ø  08-10-2020 Intensity squeezing of a single photon source published in PRL today. The quantum dot community waited 20 years since the first observation of antibunching to collect the full house of the quantum optical phenomena of single photons. There is an accompanying Synopsis “Toward a perfect single photon source”.

Ø  07-10-2020 Chao-Yang received the American Physical Society Rolf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing.

Ø  16-09-2020 “光量子计算”入选中科院“率先行动”计划第一阶段重大科技成果。

Ø  14-09-2020 何玉明获得国家自然科学基金委优青项目(200万资助)和香港求是青年学者奖10万美元)。

Ø  02-09-2020 Chao-Yang wrote in Physics World an Interview “A quantum revolution”

Ø  10-06-2020 Chao-Yang and Jian-Wei wrote a memorial article for Jonathan P. Dowling our dear friend and collaborator.

Ø  26-03-2020 Chao-Yang gives his advice to physics graduates in Physics World session “Careers”

Ø  26-02-2020 Teleportation-inspired quantum algorithm for sampling large quantum circuits up to 1000 physical qubits, published in PRL today.

Ø  30-01-2020 Chao-Yang received the OSA Adolph Lomb Medal 2020.

Ø  23-10-2019 Our preprint on boson sampling with 20 single photons injecting into a 60-mode interferometer appeared on arXiv, same day coinciding with Google’s landmark quantum computational supremacy paper in Nature.

Ø  10-10-2019 Chao-Yang received the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics for 2019!

Ø  20-09-2019 Two major prizes for Chao-Yang on the same day. Huang Kun Prize in Semiconductor Physics from the Chinese Physical Society, and Xplorer Prize (with 3 million Yuan!!!) from Tencent Foundation.

Ø  19-09-2019 “Satellite testing of a gravitationally induced quantum decoherence model” published in Science.

Ø  20-09-2019 Chao-Yang received Nishina Asian Award 2019 “for his outstanding contributions to quantum information science with single photons”.

Ø  21-08-2019 Astronomical quantum optics published in Physical Review Letters with press coverage in Physics World, OPN, etc.

Ø  15-08-2019 High-dimensional quantum teleportation was published in Physical Review Letters! It received wide press coverage from Physics World, Scientific American, New Scientist, Physics, OPN, Science News, MIT Technology Review, Phys Org, the Sun, Independent, and so on. The Altmetric score reached >250 already, and keeps increasing!

Ø  05-08-2019 Nature Photonics published our work “Towards optimal single photons from polarized microcavities”. This solves the final, long-lasting problem in solid-state single photons for quantum computing.  A major step to quantum supremacy.

Ø  18-07-2019 Congratulations to Hui on winning the second prize of Rising Stars of Light' Award in Light Conference 2019 for his paper on polarized single photons from elliptical micropillars.

Ø  15-07-2019 Our latest work entitled “Coherently driving a single quantum two-level system with dichromatic laser pulses” is published in Nature Physics today, accompanied by a News Views by Glenn S. Solomon “Two are better than one”. A fundamentally new way to resonantly drive a quantum two-level system into Rabi oscillation but using seemingly "non-resonant" laser pulses.

Ø  23-06-2019 Faithful quantum teleportation of a particle means one has to teleport the coherent multiple levels inherent to the particle simultaneously. Time to leave the "qubit" (2 level) comfort zoom! See our new paper on arXiv.1906.09697 entitled “Quantum teleportation in high dimensions”.

Ø  10-05-2019 Yes, we get bored with the "incremental" increase of the scale of quantum communications from 32 cm (1989) to 7600 km (2018), and think why not jump to two-photon quantum interference over 150,000,000 km!

Ø  08-05-2019 A new paper “Demonstration of Adiabatic Variational Quantum Computing with a Superconducting Quantum Coprocessor” from our adiabatic superconducting quantum computing subgroup is posted on arXiv. Well done Mingcheng and Oxford collaborators.

Ø  01-05-2019  Gaussian Boson sampling, the first experiment on this new exciting direction. See our paper in Science Bulletin.

Ø  27-04-2019  Prof. Lu the general secretary of the Micius Quantum Foundation announces the winners of the 1 million RMB prizes for the year of 2018 and 2019. Congratulations! See a nature news

Ø  23-03-2019  All-around entangled photon pairs from solid state, finally. Read our PRL paper (two in the same issue, see below), especially the introduction part on reviewing the history.

Ø  21-03-2019  Two is company; three is crowd. Scaling up the number is always difficult because of many undesired interactions. Now, scalable entanglement of 12 superconducting qubits in linear cluster state! Check out our latest work in PRL.

Ø  13-01-2019  Pigeon hole effect gets weird in quantum world! See our paper in PNAS.

Ø  21-12-2018  12-photon entanglement using optimal SPDC published in PRL. Many people see it as the end of SPDC, but rather it is a new start of SPDC for scalable photonic quantum technology. Figure it out why by yourself before asking me why.

Ø  07-09-2018  Observation of topologically protected edge states in a photonic two-dimensional quantum walk, published in PRL.

Ø  20-07-2018  Demonstration of topological robustness of anyonic braiding statistics on a 7-qubit superconducting circuits published in PRL.

Ø  29-06-2018  A new record in entanglement: 18 qubits. We use a shortcut: 6 photons and 3 degrees of freedom. This paper was published in PRL with an editorial suggestion (wait… three editorial suggestions in a row this year!), and highlighted by Physics World and Physics Org.

Ø  06-06-2018  Boson sampling with photon loss published in PRL, with an editorial suggestion and highlight in Viewpoint.

Ø  12-02-2018  Topological data analysis was published in Optica.

Ø  28-01-2018  Prof. Lu was selected as TR35 China 2017. Prior to the awarding ceremony, he organized a panel discussion within EmTech China on quantum computing with Dr. Vern Browenll the CEO of DWave, Dr. Robert Sutor the VP of IBM Quantum computing, and Dr. Aaron Van Devender the chief scientist of Founders Fund.

Ø  19-01-2018  Intercontinental quantum key distribution over a record distance of 7600 km between Beijing and Vienna (with excellent collaboration with Anton Zeilinger’s group) published in PRL, with an editorial suggestion and highlight in Focus.

Ø  17-10-2017  Two years in a row! Our work, entitled “Toward quantum supremacy with multi-photon boson sampling” is again selected as “Optics in 2017” by Optics & Photonics News, OSA.

Ø  30-09-2017  Commissioned to write “Quantum experiments in free space” for Reviews of Modern Physics!

Ø  09-08-2017  With the publication of two back-to-back Nature papers (Liao et al. 2017, Nature doi:10.1038/nature23655; Ren et al. 2017, Nature doi:10.1038/nature23675) today together with the earlier Science paper (Yin et al. 2017, Science 356, 1140), the quantum satellite team completed a trio of quantum experiments (quantum key distribution, entanglement distribution and Bell test, and quantum teleportation) that will be central to any global space-based quantum internet.

Ø  07-07-2017  Three new papers (blind quantum computing, spin-photon transfer, quantum metrology) are recently accepted by PRL.

Ø  27-06-2017  Prof. Lu received the 2017 Fresnel Prize from the European Physical Society at the CLEO-Europe/EQEO conference. The prize, awarded only once every two years, is to recognize outstanding contributions to quantum electronics and optics made by young scientists before the age of 35.

Ø  28-05-2017  From this day on, you may call them Dr. Ming-Cheng Chen and Dr. Zuen Su. Congratulations!

Ø  27-05-2017  Implementation of the quantum algorithm for solving systems of linear equations was published in Physical Review Letters, a nice collaboration with Prof. H. Wang (Zhejiang University) and X. Zhu.

Ø  17-05-2017  Time-bin encoded boson sampling was published in Physical Review Letters.

Ø  04-05-2017  Prof. Lu won the prestigious China National Youth Medal (中国青年五四奖章).

Ø  02-05-2017  High-efficiency multi-photon boson sampling was published in Nature Photonics.

Ø  01-12-2016  Our work on efficient and indistinguishable single photons was selected as “Optics in 2016” by Optics & Photonics News, OSA.

Ø  19-11-2016  We were excited to submit our latest manuscript entitled “Multi-photon boson-sampling machines beating early classical computers” that achieved boson-sampling up to 5 photons, and at least 27,000 times more efficient than all previous work. We built the first quantum photonics device that kick-starts an actual race between optical quantum computers against classical computers.

Ø  16-11-2016  Ten-photon entanglement paper was published by Physical Review Letters, and highlighted by Nature and APS Physics.

Ø  20-10-2016  Prof. Lu was elected a Fellow of OSA.

Ø  06-07-2016  Ming-Cheng was award the prestigious Science and Technology Innovation Award of the Chinese Young (第十届中国青少年科技创新奖).

Ø  09-05-2016  Prof. Lu was awarded the first Jin Guo Fan Young Scientist Innovation Award by the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering.

Ø  02-05-2016  Our paper on transform-limited single photons was accepted by Phys. Rev. Lett., reporting more than 1000 highly indistinguishable single photons emitting from a solid-state device.

Ø  18-02-2016  Need 4N resources for N-qubit entanglement measure (mission impossible)? No thanks. Just a handful is fine. See today our new paper on PRL.

Ø  14-01-2016  Our paper, in collaboration with Sven Hofling’s group in Wurzburg, on high-efficiency, high-purity, and high-indistinguishability single-photon source is published online in PRL as an “editor suggestion” paper, accompanied with an excellent Synopsis entitled “All-around single-photon source” in Physics, a research highlight in nature, a story entitled “Single-photon source is efficient and indistinguishable” in Physics World, and an article entitled “Micropillar + Quantum Dot = Single-Photon Source” in Optics & Photonics News.

Ø  08-01-2016  Prof. Lu is part of the team that won first-class prize of National Natural Science Award 2015 – the most important scientific prize in China. We received the Award certificate from President Xi Jinping.

Ø  11-12-2015  Our work on quantum teleportation was highlighted by IOP Physics World as “Breakthrough of the Year”!

Ø  01-12-2015  Our new work on deterministic, pure, indistinguishable and efficient single photon source is accepted for publication in PRL. It has been a great challenge putting all together in a single tiny dot.

Ø  29-08-2015  Alibaba joined us in establishing a new laboratory: CAS-Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory, with a contribution of 30 million Yuan per year for five years.

Ø  15-06-2015  The second batch of PhDs from our group: congratulations to Dr. Yu He, Dr. Xindong Cai, and Dr. Yujia Wei. Yu will continue his research for another half a year in Hefei and then join Michelle Simmons’s group as a research fellow in Australia. Xindong, after publishing his seminal papers on quantum computing the big data, will switch to finance in Shanghai. Yujia will become a lecture at the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. All the best for their future career!

Ø  18-03-2015  Prof. Chao-Yang Lu and Prof. Sven Hofling jointly won 2015 CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists.

Ø  02-03-2015  Our work on the first observation of photon antibunching from two-dimensional atomic monolayers is accepted by Nature Nanotechnology. A marriage between two major fields: Graphene-like materials and Quantum optics & information. This research is covered in nature feature news, nature materials news & views, nature nanotechnology news & views.

Ø  27-02-2015  Our work on entanglement-based machine learning is accepted by Phys. Rev. Lett. An interesting application of quantum computing in artificial intelligence! There is a nice story covering our work in Phys Org.

Ø  29-01-2015  Our work on Dynamically controlled resonance fluorescence spectra from a doubly dressed single InGaAs quantum dot is accepted by Physical Review Letters!

Ø  11-01-2015  Congratulations to our (first) postdoc, Dr. Xi-Lin Wang, who joined us after finishing his PhD in Nanjing University three years ago, won the most prestigious QIQP Exceptional Postdoc Prize (150K RMB) and is promoted to be an Assistant Professor in USTC. Meanwhile, Yujia won QIQP outstanding student prize (50K RMB).

Ø  07-01-2015  Our work on quantum teleportation of multiple properties of a single quantum particle is accepted by Nature! This is the first time physicists are able to teleport multiple degrees of freedom, 18 years after the first Innbruck experiments. Well done guys!

Ø  25-10-2014  New paper published in Nano Lett. with a record breaking 99.5% indistinguishability for on-chip single photons – a step closer to scalable photonic quantum technologies.

Ø  09-08-2014  Our new paper on temperature-dependent Mollow triplets accepted by PRL. Congratulations!

Ø  03-06-2014  Yu-Ming He successfully defended his PhD thesis and is now officially a doctor! Congratulations! Our first PhD. He has also won the prestigious DAAD-CSC fellowship to study nanophotonics and nanofabrication in Germany in half a year.

Ø  26-03-2014  Xi-Lin Wang won QIQP Excellent Postdoctor (100K RMB), Yu-Ming, Yu, and Xin-Dong won QIQP outstanding student prize (each 50K RMB). See link of 2011 Centre. Big Congratulations!!!!

Ø  10-11-2013  Nature Nanotechnology featured Yu-Ming’s nanoscience education from our group. See Nature Nanotechnology link and a coverage at the University website.

Ø  05-11-2013  Xin-Dong and Yu-Ming won 1st and 2nd prize for their presentations at the Graduate Student Conference, respectively, Congratulations!

Ø  13-09-2013  Prof. Chao-Yang Lu won Qiu Shi Oustanding Young Scholar Award (given to 10 exceptional researcher aged under 40 in China each year in science and engineering), with a cash prize of 150K US dollars.

Ø  01-10-2013  Xin-Dong and Yu-Ming won Qiushi Award and National Prize for Graduate Students, respectively, Congratulations!

Ø  01-09-2013  Prof. Chao-Yang Lu awarded Shanghai Qianren Talent.

Ø  01-06-2013  Yu-Ming won CAS President Award and a funding for promoting excellent PhD thesis, Congratulations.

l  Representative papers (* corresponding author):

1.   C.-Y. Lu, X.-Q. Zhou, O. Gühne, W.-B. Gao, J. Zhang, Z.-S. Yuan, A. Goebel, T. Yang and J.-W. Pan, Experimental entanglement of six photons in graph states, Nature Physics 3, 91-95 (2007)

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------------The cutline: before are PhD work; after are as an principle investigator-----------

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Selected press coverage of Chao-Yang Lu

² Nature Feature: “Science Star of China: CHAOYANG LU. Quantum wizard: A young physicist works wonders with photons.” (23 June 2016)

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l  Research Grants as PI (with a sum of ~10M$):






 Career snapshots:

剑桥大学博士(2011 剑桥大学丘吉尔学院Fellow2011  首批||1000|2011 首批优青(2012 上海千人(2013 求是杰青(2014 国家杰青(2015 国家自然科学一等奖(2015 英国物理学会评选的国际物理学突破榜首 (2015)  美国光学学会Fellow (2016)  自然“中国科学之星” 2016)欧洲物理学会菲涅尔奖 (Fresnel Prize) (2017)  中国青年五四奖章(2017TR35中国科技创新青年(2018)美国科学促进会(AAAS)克利夫兰奖(Newcomb Cleveland Prize 2018 中国物理学会黄昆奖(2019 万人计划科技创新领军人才(2019 科学探索奖(2019IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics 2019  仁科芳雄亚洲奖(2019OSA Adolph Lomb Medal 2020 APS Ralf Landauer and Charles H. Bennett Award in Quantum Computing2021Highly Cited Researcher 2020 中国科学院年度创新人物 2020 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2021James P. Gordon Memorial Speakership, CLEO 2021