Dong Liu's Research

Last updated on Mar 3, 2017 by Dong Liu.

Deep Learning Based Image and Video Compression

Our recent interests lie in the deep learning approach to image and video compression.
A list of related publications can be found here.

Social Diffusion Analysis with Common-Interest Model for Image Annotation

This paper appears in TMM 2016.
In this work we have crawled data from Flickr and prepared two data sets for experimental purpose. Here is the 2nd data set Flickr-NoImages reported in the paper. This data set contains 13545 images and 41714 users with 635172 pairs of social relationship. Each image in this data set has on average 6.15 tags.

Visual Analyses of Music Download History

These papers appear in ICMEW 2014 and MMM 2016.
Here are some plots used during user studies.