Journal Publications

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Refereed Journal Articles

    As first / second author

  1. Liu, G., Zakamska, N.L. & Greene, J.E.,
    Similarity of Ionized Gas Nebulae around Unobscured and Obscured Quasars
    2013, MNRAS, under review (ADS, arXiv)

  2. Liu, G., Calzetti, D., Hong, S., Whitmore, B., Chandar, R., O'Connell, R.W., Blair, W.P., Cohen, S.H., Frogel, J.A. & Kim, H.,
    Extinction and Dust Geometry in M83 H II Regions: An HST/WFC3 Study
    2013, ApJ Letters, 778, L41 (ADS, arXiv)

  3. Liu, G., Zakamska, N. L., Greene, J. E., Nesvadba, N. P. H. & Liu, X.,
    Observations of Feedback from Radio-Quiet Quasars: II. Kinematics of Ionized Gas Nebulae
    2013, MNRAS, 436, 2576 (ADS, arXiv)

  4. Liu, G., Calzetti, D., Kennicutt, R. C., Jr., Schinnerer, E., Sofue, Y., Komugi, S. & Egusa, F.,
    The Paα Luminosity Functions of H II Regions in Nearby Galaxies from HST/NICMOS
    2013, ApJ, 772, 27 (ADS, arXiv)
    --- The full catalog of the 1907 H II regions is available here.

  5. Liu, G., Zakamska, N. L., Greene, J. E., Nesvadba, N. P. H. & Liu, X.,
    Observations of Feedback from Radio-Quiet Quasars: I. Extents and Morphologies of Ionized Gas Nebulae
    2013, MNRAS, 430, 2327 (ADS, arXiv)

  6. Calzetti, D., Liu, G. & Koda, J.,
    Star Formation Laws: the Effects of Gas Cloud Sampling
    2012, ApJ, 752, 98 (ADS, arXiv)

  7. Liu, G., Koda, J., Calzetti, D., Fukuhara, M. & Momose, R.,
    The Super-Linear Slope of the Spatially-Resolved Star Formation Law in NGC 3521 and NGC 5194 (M51a)
    2011, ApJ, 735, 63 (ADS, arXiv)

  8. Liu, G., Calzetti, D., Yun, M. S., Wilson, G. W., Draine, B. T., Scott, K., Austermann, J., Perera, T., Hughes, D., Aretxaga, I., Kohno, K., Kawabe, R. & Ezawa, H.,
    An Investigation of the Dust Content in the Galaxy Pair NGC 1512/1510 from Near-Infrared to Millimeter Wavelengths
    2010, AJ, 139, 1190 (ADS, arXiv)

    As a co-author

  9. Greene, J.E., Alexandroff, R., Strauss, M.A., Zakamska, N.L., Lang, D., Liu, G.. , Pattarakijwanich, P., Hamann, F., Ross, N.P., Myers, A.D., Brandt, W.N., York, D., Schneider, D.P.,
    Near Infrared Spectra and Intrinsic Luminosities of Candidate Type II Quasars at 2 < z < 3.4
    ApJ, in press (ADS, arXiv)

  10. Hainline, K.N., Hickox, R.C., Greene, J.E., Myers, A.D., Zakamska, N.L., Liu, G. & Liu, X.,
    Gemini Long-slit Spectroscopy of Luminous Obscured Quasars
    ApJ, in press (ADS, arXiv)

  11. Alexandroff, R., Strauss, M.A., Greene, J.E., Zakamska, N.L., Ross, N.P., Brandt, W.N., Liu, G., Smith, P.S., Ge, J., Hamann, F., Myers, A.D., Petitjean, P., Schneider, D.P., Yesuf, H. & York, D.G.,
    Candidate Type II Quasars at 2 < z < 4.3 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    MNRAS, 435, 3306 (ADS, arXiv)

  12. Momose, R., Koda, J., Kennicutt, R. C. Jr, Egusa, F., Okumura, S. K., Calzetti, D., Liu, G., Meyer, J. D., Scoville, N. Z., Sawada, T., & Kuno, N.,
    The Super-Linear Slope of Sub-Kpc Scale Kennicutt-Schmidt Law in Nearby Galaxies
    2013, ApJ Letters, 772, L13 (ADS, arXiv)

  13. van der Laan, T., Schinnerer, E., Emsellem, E., Hunt, L., McDermid, R. & Liu, G.,
    How Does Star Formation Proceed in the Circumnuclear Starburst Ring of NGC 6951?
    2013, A&A, 551, A81 (ADS, arXiv)

  14. O'Neil, K., Schneider, S. E., van Driel, W., Liu, G. & Joseph, T.,
    Hunting in H I for Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
    A&A, submitted

  15. Hsieh, P.-Y., Matsushita, S., Liu, G., Ho, P. T. P., Oi, N. & Wu, Y.-L.,
    Physical Properties of the Molecular Starburst Ring in the Barred Galaxy NGC 1097
    2011, ApJ, 736, 129 (ADS, arXiv)

  16. Snell, R. L., Narayanan, G., Yun, M. S., Heyer, M., Chung, A., Irvine, W. M., Erickson, N. R. & Liu, G.,
    The Redshift Receiver 3 mm Wavelength Spectra of Ten Galaxies
    2011, AJ, 141, 38 (ADS, arXiv)

  17. Papers in Preparation

  18. Ross, N.P., Hamann, F.W., Villforth, C., Zakamska, N.L., Richards, G.T., Strauss, M.A., Greene, J.E., Brandt, W.N., Liu, G. , et al.
    Extremely red quasars from SDSS, BOSS and WISE
    close to submission