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Group Meetings
2018 144. Nickel Catalysis Enabled by Stoichiometric Metallic Reducing Agents 143. Ligand Used in Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation Reactions 2017 142. Metal-Catalyzed 1,2/4-Difunctionalization of Conjugated Diene 141. Iron Catalysis in Organic Synthesis 140. Organocatalytic Lewis base functionalisationof carboxylic acids and esters via C1-ammonium or azolium enolates 139. Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Reactions Using COP Catalysts 138. Directing Strategies in Metal-Catalyzed C-H Activation 137. Cycloisomerization of 1,n-Enynes: Catalyzed by Pd, Ru, Rh and Ir 136. Rh catalyzed multicomponent tandem and one-pot reactions under hydroformylation conditions 135. Enantioselective organocatalysis using SOMO activation 134. Enantioselective Radical Reactions 2016 133. Asymmetric Hydroformylation 132. Zinc-Catalyzed C–N and C–O Bond Formation Reactions 131. Total synthesis of (+)-Phorbol and(+)-Ingenol from (+)-3-Carene 130. Pd-Catalyzed C–H Bond Functionalization on the Indole and Pyrrole Nucleus 129. Asymmetric intramolecular dipolar cycloaddition reactions of Azomethine Ylides 128. Asymetric Dehydrogenative Coupling Reactions 127. Asymmetric Rhodium-Catalyzed C-H Activation 126. Selectivity in Metal-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage of Alkylidenecyclopropanes 125. Harnessing the Power of the Water-Gas Shift Reaction for Organic Synthesis 124. Remote C–H Activation via Through-Space Palladium Migration 123. Pd Catalyzed Asymmetric C-H Oxidation Reactions 122. Recent development o f direct asymmetric functionalization of inert C–H bonds 2014 121. Acceptorless Dehydrogenation with Metal-Ligand Cooperation Strategy 120. Gold(I) Catalyzed Tandem Reactions of Cyclopropanones and its derivatives 119. Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Ring Opening of Oxa(Aza)benzonorbornadienes 118. The application of samarium(II) iodide in organic synthesis 117. Construction of Enantiopure Pyrrolidine Ring System via Asymmetric [3+2] cycloaddition 116. Enantioselective Insertion of Carbenes or Carbenoids into the Heteroatom-Hydrogen Bond Reactions 115. 非共价作用在新型手性配体设计中的应用 114. Asymmetric [2+2] Cycloaddition of Ketene 113. Light and Palladium Induced Carbonylation Reactions of Alkyl Iodides 112. Rh-Catalyzed Ring Opening Functionalization of Cyclobutones and Cyclobutanols 111. Semisynthetic Enzymes for Organic Synthesis 110. Pd-catalyzed Fluorination 109. Hypervalent Iodine-Catalyzed Oxidative Reaction 108. Pd-catalyzed Cascade Reaction Involving Carbene Migratory Insertion 2013 107. Transition Metal Catalyzed Allylic Substitution Activation of Allylic Alcohols via π-allylic Species 106. Catalytic Synthesis of α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Derivatives 105. Direct Enantioselective Trifluoromethylation 104. Total Synthesis of (+)-Scholarisine A 103. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Ecteinascidin 743 102. Cyanomethylation 101. Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Nakadomarin A 100. Total Syntheses of (-)-Scabronines G and A, and (-)-Episcabronine A 99. Enantioselective Syntheis of Tatanans A-C 98. Cyclobutanes in Catalysis 97. Dual Catalysis involving Photoredox induced by Visible Light 96. Conjugate Addition Nitro-Mannich Reaction 95. A Report Start from DABCO 94. Progress on the Total synthesis of Aspidophytine(1999 - 2013) 93. Lewis Acid and BrØnst Acid Catalyzed Diazo Compounds Rearrangement 92. Total synthesis of Piperazic acid-containing natural products 2012 91. Total Synthesis of Communesins 90. Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Alkene Functionalization 89. Reactions Involve Sulfur Ylides 88. Total Synthesis of Hirsutellone B and Enantioselective 87. Total Synthesis of Isoschizogamine 86. Asymmetric olefin halogenation reaction 85. Recent Progress in the Total Synthesis of Typical Lignans 84. Asymmetric Hetero-Diels–Alder Reaction 83. Rhodium Catalyzed Direct C-H Functionalization 82. Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Denitrogenative Transannulation 81. Asymmetric Cross-Coupling Reaction 80. CDC Reaction Involving C-H Bonds of Nitrogen in Amines 79. Total synthesis of (+)-vinblastine 78. Iridium Catalyst System for Transfer Hydrogenation 77. Reactions Catalyzed by Rhenium Carbonyl Complexes 76. Chiral gold-catalyzed asymmetric reactions 75. Total Synthesises of (atrop-) Abyssomicin C 74. Indium in Organic Synthesis 73. Cobalt in Photochemical Reactions (Progress in the Last 30 Years) 72. Total Synthesis of Zoanthamine Alkaloids 71. Total Synthesis of Brevenal 70. Rh catalyzed nitrogen carbene reaction 69. C-C Bond Activation of Alcohol 68. Total Syntheses of Strychnine 67. Total synthesis of Welwitindolinone Alkaloids.ppt 2011 66. Synthesis of cortistatins A 65. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Gliocladin C and (+)-Gliocladine C 64. A Concise, Stereocontrolled Total Synthesis of Rippertenol 63. Total Synthesis of (+)- Aspidophyline A (1) 62. Total Synthesis of (-)-Conophylline 61.Tandem conjugate addition Ireland-Claisen rearrangment 60. Total synthesis of solanoeclepin A 59. Non-Metathesis Ruthenium-Catalyzed 58. Iridium catalyzed cycloaddition reactions 57. Rhodium Catalyzed Alkene and Alkyne Hydroacylation 56. Decarboxylative Allylation Reactions (DCA) 55. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-) Jiadifenolide 54. Catellani Reaction 53. Redox Neutral Reactions 52. Tetrahydro-pyrrolo-[2,3-b]indoles 51. Activation of Alkenes 50. Applications of NHCs as supporting ligands in Au catalysis 49. Heterocyclic carbene catalyzed reactions of α-β unsaturated aldehydes 48. Aza-Prins Cyclization 2010 47. Chiral Anion-Mediated Asymmetric Ion Pairing Chemistry 46. Application of Rearrangement Reaction in the Synthesis of Asymmetric Quaternary Carbon 45. Alkaline Earth Metal 44. Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Vindoline 43. Palladium-catalyzed allylic amination 42. 1,5-H shift 41. Fe catalyzed cross-coulpling reaction 40. The Work Of Pr Karl A. Scheidt Group 39. Amos B. Smith 38. Tamio Hayashi 37. Krische MJ 36. Gregory C. Fu 35. The Career of Chao-Jun Li 34. Enantioselective protonation 33. PA-catalyzed multicomponent reactions 32. High-Oxidation-State Palladium Catalysis 31. The Oxidative Coupling of Enol Derivatives 30. Construct quaternary carbon by rearrangement reaction 29. Boronic Acids and Esters in the Petasis-Borono Mannich Multicomponent Reaction 28. Alkylation by Asymmetric Phase-Transfer Catalysis 27. Timothy F. Jamison 26. Masakatsu Shibasaki 25. Development of Palladium-Catalyzed C-N Bond Formation Reaction 24. Barry M. Trost 23. Frustrated Lewis Pairs 22. The Account of Pro. Larry Overman 2009 21. Mechanistic Study 20. Biocompatibility and Chemical Reaction 19. Photosensitive reactions 18. Catalytic Hydroamination of Alkynes and Alkenes 17. Total synthesis of (-)Quinocarcin 16. Single electron transfer reaction involving 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds 15. CO2 14. Metal-catalyzed oxidation reaction 13. Magnetic data storage materials and SPM technology in data storage 12. Photoelectric conversion research progress 11. Light protecting group 10. Asymmetric Photochemistry 9. Total Synthesis of (-)-Himandrine 8. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)-Napyradiomycin A1 7. Control of Magnetic Properties through External Stimuli 6. Low valent of Vanadium catalyst in organic synthesis 5. Total Synthesis of (-)-Kendomycin 4. Oxidation with iron 3. A Concise Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Aspidophytine 2. Total Synthesis of (-)-Quinocarcin 1. Cross coupling catalyzed by iron
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