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Huang H., Y. Li, Q. Liu, Yao, H., R. D. van der Hilst, High resolution tomography and radial anisotropy of SE Tibet and its surrounding regions using ambient noise interferometry, in preparation

Huang H., Y. Li, Q. Liu, Yao, H., R. D. van der Hilst, Eikonal tomography and azimuthal anisotropy for the SE Tibet and SW China, in preparation

Guo Z., Wang W., Yao, H., Gao X., Depth variations of azimuthal anisotropy beneath Tien Shan from ambient noise tomography, in prep.

Yuan Y., Yao, H.*, Qin Y., Huang W., Joint inversion of Rayleigh wave ZH ratios and dispersion based on the Neighborhood Algorithm and its application, in prep. for Chinese J. Geophys.

Fang H., Yao, H.*, Zhang H, Huang, YC, van der Hilst R.D., Direct inversion of surface wave dispersion for 3-D shallow crustal structure based on ray tracing: methodology and application, Geophys. J. Int. , revised


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*Proceedings & Expanded Abstracts

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*Thesis and general papers

Yao H., 2009. Ambient noise interferometry and surface-wave array tomography in southeastern Tibet. PhD Thesis, MIT (advisor: prof. Rob van der Hilst) (THESIS PDF DOWNLOAD)

Yao H., 2006. Surface-wave array tomography in SE Tibet from ambient noise and two-station analysis, First General Paper of Geophysics Program, MIT (advisor: Prof. Rob van der Hilst)

Yao H., 2006. Two-dimensional modeling of crustal channel flow, finite deformation and anisotropy with application to the Tibetan Plateau, Second General Paper of Geophysics Program, MIT (advisor: Prof. Bradford Hager)

Yao H., 2004. 3-D shear velocity structure in the crust and upper mantle in western China and adjacent regions from Rayleigh wave inter-station phase velocity measurements, M.S. Thesis in geophysics, USTC (advisor: Prof. Guoming Xu)

Yao H., 2001. An automatic method for extracting surface wave dispersion curves based on image analysis technique, B.S. Thesis in geophysics, USTC (advisor: Prof. Guoming Xu£©