Research in the XU Group

Polymers has now touched almost every aspect of human life. Functional polymers have unique properties, depending on the type of molecular building blocks being utilized and how they are connected. They hold great potential for applications in revolutionary technologies. The research in functional polymers was developed in the 1960s and is an interdisciplinary field involving polymer chemistry, polymer physics, materials science, biology, energy, nanoscience, and environment. They have become an important cornerstone of the modern industry and advanced technology. The research in our group is highly multi-disciplinary with a special focus on functional polymer materials. Our goal is to achieve deep understanding of novel synthetic polymer materials from both chemistry and physics aspects and develop their innovative applications in various areas. We will collaborate with different research groups across the world using advanced characterization techniques and theoretical calculations/simulations. Current research topics primarily include:
1. Developing Conjugated Polymers for Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion: Water Splitting, CO2 Reduction, N2 Fixation
2. Developing Functional Soft Polymers for Stretchable Electronics
3. Developing Functional Polymer Composites for Energy Dissipation

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