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Materials are microscopically structured. The specific geometry and topology naturally introduce separations in spatial, temporal and energetic scales, fundamentally dictating its response to external stimuli. The vast ways in tuning geometry and topology of materials offer vast choices in designing novel materials with novel functions. We are interested in probing the roles of geometry and topology on the mechanical behaviors of natural and artificial matter, via a combinational efforts of computational and simple theoretical considerations. Now, 3D printing is helping us to play and realize our dreams.

欢迎攻读硕士、博士学位。 并长期招聘博士后
    Mechanics Building 2-219  
  Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China  
  Hefei, Anhui, 230027 P.R.C  
    Current Research  
        Geometric elasticity  
  Representative Publications     Hierarchical self-assembly  
  Topology, geometry, and mechanics of Z-plasty (2016)
Physical Review Letters, EA. Matsumoto, Haiyi Liang, & L. Mahadevan
Multi-materials 3D printing application of shell biomimetic structure (2016)
Chinese Science Bulletin, XY Ma, Haiyi Liang, s& LF Wang
Interface failure modes explain non-monotonic size-dependent mechanical properties in bioinspired nanolaminates (2016)
Scientific Reports, ZQ Song, Y Ni, LM Peng, Haiyi Liang & LH He
A Highly Efficient Metal‐Free Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst Assembled from Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene (2016)
Advanced Materials, J Yang , HY Sun , Haiyi Liang , HX Ji , Li Song , C Gao , & HX Xu
Theoretical and experimental study on a compliant flipper-leg during terrestrial locomotion (2016)
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics., TF Fang, YC Zhou, SK Li, M Xu, Haiyi Liang, WH Li & SW Zhang
Laser printing hierarchical structures with the aid of controlled capillary-driven self-assembly (2015)
PNAS, YL Hu, ZX Lao, BP Cummingb, D Wu, J Lia, Haiyi Liang, JR Chu, WH Huang, and M Gu
Boundary-dominant Flower Blooming Simulation (2015) (Best Paper Award) movie
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, JF Li, M Liu, WW Xu, Haiyi Liang, and LG Liu
Toughening mystery of natural rubber deciphered by double network incorporating hierarchical structures (2014)
Scientific Reports, WM Zhou, XY Li, J Lu, ND Huang, L Chen, ZM Qi, LB Li, and Haiyi Liang
Geometric Mechanics of Periodic Pleated Origami (2013)
Physical Review Letters, ZY Wei, ZV Guo, L Dudte, Haiyi Liang, and L. Mahadevan.
Growth, geometry, and mechanics of a blooming lily (2011)
PNAS, Haiyi Liang, L Mahadevan.
On the growth and form of the gut (2011)
Nature, T Savin, NA. Kurpios, AE. Shyer, P. Florescu, Haiyi Liang, L. Mahadevan, CJ. Tabin.
The Shape of a Long Leaf (2009)
PNAS, 106, 22049. Haiyi Liang, L Mahadevan.
Elasticity of Floppy and Stiff Random Networks (2008)
Physical Review Letters, 101, 215501. M Wyart, Haiyi Liang, A Kabla, L Mahadevan.
Axial-Strain-Induced Torsion in Single-Walled Carbon Naotubes (2006)
Physical Review Letters, 96, 165501. Haiyi Liang, M Upmanyu.
Size Dependent Elasticity of Nanowires: Non-linear Effects (2005)
Physical Review B, 71, 241403. Haiyi Liang, M Upmanyu, HC Huang.
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      Carbon structures  
      3D Printing  
      Geometry & Elasticity  
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