CFA Seminar talk schedule spring 2008


Date        Speaker         Institution    Title


March 7     Wang Junxian    USTC           Adaptive Optics and Four Meter Telescope


March 21    Zhou Hongyan    USTC,MPE       Tidal Disruption and Gravitational Recoil of Super-Massive Black Holes


March 24    Wang Huiyuan    USTC           Reconstructing the cosmic density field with the distribution of dark matter halos


April 25    Xia  Tianyang   USTC           Yang-Mills condensate dark energy model


May    9    Shu Xinwen      USTC,JHU       Deconvolving the complex Fe K alpha lines in AGNs observed by Chandra HETGs and XMM


May   13    Li Cheng        USTC,SHAO,MPA  Connections of galaxy-galaxy interactions to the formation of stars, the accretion of black holes, and the structural changes of galaxies


May   20    Zheng Wei       JHU            Infrared Astronomy in the next Decade


May   27    Li Cheng        USTC,SHAO,MPA  Quantifying the spatial alignment of galaxies with two-point correlation functions


June  10    Fu Hai          U. Hawaii      Extended Emission-Line Regions: Remnants of Quasar Superwind?