Welcome to Laboratory of Nano-optics and Nano-manufacturing

About us:

Laboratory of Nano-optics and Nano-manufacturing is located at the east campus of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The lab director is Prof. Liang Wang, who was selected to “1000 Talents Program for Young Scholars” recipients at the end of 2013.

The team members perform research mainly on various confined quantum systems (including quantum dots, quantum wires, quantum wells, etc.) and micro/nano structures (such as photonic crystals, optical microcavities, and multi-structured composite systems) by means of nanoimprint, near-field lithography and coupled optical microcavities. In addition, our team also focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures that leads to exotic electromagnetic properties, which could be applied to the field of metamaterials, plasmonics, electronics, photonics, energy, acoustics, imaging, sensing and biology.

At present, considerable achievements have been made along the following research directions:

  1. High resolution lithography based on optical antennas;
  2. Design of micro/nano photonic device based on surface plasmon polariton;
  3. Coupled high-quality microcavities, opto-mechanics, and on-chip integrated optics device;
  4. Nanoimprint technology;
  5. Quantum dot single-photon source.

Lab News:

Jul 2019: Our recent work was published on ACS Photonics