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Our group, a.k.a. the M-Laboratory, is one that focuses on Microscopy Analysis and Materials Design under the leadership of Prof. Cheng Ma. Aiming at realizing an effective, rational materials development for critical energy devices (especially Li batteries), our research approach features a unique combination of advanced electron microscopy and materials synthesis. Using the state-of-the-art aberration-corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscopes ((S)TEM) and several in-house developed cutting-edge techniques, the fundamental mechanisms behind the materials behavior can be effectively unraveled through the atom-by-atom observation. In combination with materials synthesis, the principles obtained by such atomic-level study can directly provide roadmaps for a target-oriented materials design. With these two distinct components comprehensively integrated into our research, the M-Laboratory will strive to realize a seamless conversion of fundamental research into the driving forces for materials development.
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Recent News
June 2023
Lv's work is published in Nat. Commun.. Congratulations!
May 2023
The Li3TiCl6 positive electrode we developed is highlighted by Nat. Chem..
March 2023
Zhenqi's (S)TEM work is published in Nat. Commun.. Congratulations!
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