Research areas


Currently, the lab has three research areas:


1, Functions of noncoding RNAs in normal and abnormal cells. We are investigating unknown functions of classical house keeping RNAs and novel ncRNAs. This is largely carried out with mammalian cell cultures and pathological samples. We study roles of these ncRNAs at the level of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

2, Functions of noncoding RNAs in Neural Stem Cells (NSCs). There are many ncRNAs found in neural stem cells (including embryonic and adult NSCs). Functions of a lot of these ncRNAs in the proliferation and differentiation of NSCs remain unknown. We characterize roles of these ncRNAs with cell cultures and mice model. 

3, Functions of noncoding RNAs in C. elegans. A part of my lab is studying roles of ncRNAs in the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans. We are particularly interested in roles of microRNAs in GABAergic D motor neurons, and roles of ncRNAs in the reactions of C. elegans to environmental factors (e.g. food).