Shuiming HU Professor

Jinzhai Road 96, Hefei, 230026 China
Tel: +86-551-63607460(L) 63606557(O)

Image of single 85Kr atoms:
Trace Analysis with an atomic trap

Precision Spectroscopy:
Verifying QED and physical constants

Laser spectroscopy of molecules:
Detecting molecules with a laser

Postdoc fellowships available:
Research Direction: Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics
(1) Cold Atom Physics and Applications
(2) Precision Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules
The positions are available in the Hefei National Laboratory and the candidate will be supervised by Prof. S.-M. HU in HFNL. The candidate should have obtained his/her Ph.D in physics, electronics or related subjects in recent 5 years. Candidates with a background in atomic, molecular and optical physics, experience in optics, electronics, or software development will be encouraged.