Weiguo SONG (Ph.D, Prof.)
  State Key Laboratory of Fire Science,
  University of Science and Technology of China,
  Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R.China
  Phone: +86-551-3606415, 3606419
  Fax: +86-551-3601669
  Email: wgsong@ustc.edu.cn
  Web 1 : http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~wgsong
  Web 2 : At the Department of Safety Science and Engineering




Research interests


Recent publications

     Journal Papers & Reports:

  1. Fang Zhiming, Song Weiguo, Wu Hao, Zhang Jun. A Multi-Grid Model for Evacuation Coupling with the Effects of Fire Products. Fire Technology(to be appeared, 2012)

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    Refreed Proceedings Papers:

  1. Wang Jing, Song Weiguo, Wang Wei, Zhang Yongming, Liu Shixing. A new algorithm for Forest fire smoke detection based on MODIS data in heilongjiang province. RSETE 2011

  2. Wei Xiaoge, Lv Wei, Song Weiguo, Wang Deqiang. Evacuation analysis of a hospital based on FDS+Evac software. RSETE 2011

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  9. Xu Xuan, Song Weiguo. Analysis of three basic evacuation behaviors at exit with a multi-grid egress model. 7th ASIA-OCEANIA SYMPOSIUM ON FIRE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2007, Hongkong


  1. SafeGo1.0,  an evacuation analysis software that adopts CAFE model we introduced.

  2. MultiGo1.0, 2.0,  evacuation softwares that adopt MultiGrid model we introduced.

  3. FireGo1.0, an evacuation analysis software that adopts MultiGrid model and considers human behaviors in fire. It is compatible to FDS software.