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Basic Information


Research Professor

School of BioMedical Engineering, School of Data Science,

Suzhou Advanced Institute,

University of Science and Technology of China

Email: xkxie at ustc.edu.cn

Research Interests

Big Data Management and Analytics, Machine Learning, Traffic Intelligence, Data Quality, Blockchain, Crowdsourcing

Academic Service

ACM/IEEE/CCF member, member of Technical Committee on Databases (CCF), Reviewer for Journals (TODS, VLDBJ, TKDE, etc.), PC Members for (PVLDB, AAAI, CIKM, etc.)


Assistant Professor (Aalborg University)

PhD (University of Hong Kong)

BSC, MSC (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Our Skills

Big Data Management

Machine Learning

Parallel Computing

Distributed Systems

Recent Activities

ACM TURC 2020 - SIGMOD China Chapter (Co-Chair)

IEEE MDM 2019 - PhD Forum & Panel (Co-Chair)

CCF NDBC 2019 - Demo track (Co-Chair)

Recent Publications

■ Partial Optimal Transport Based Out-of-Distribution Detection for Open-Set Semi-Supervised Learning. Yilong Ren, Chuanwen Feng, Xike Xie. S. Kevin Zhou. IJCAI 2024

■ Prompt Learning with Extended Kalman Filter for Pre-trained Language Models. Quan Li, Xike Xie. Chao Wang, S. Kevin Zhou. IJCAI 2024

■ Learning to Sketch: A Neural Approach to Item Frequency Estimation in Streaming Data. Yukun Cao, Yuan Feng, Hairu Wang, Xike Xie, S. Kevin Zhou. TPAMI 2024

■ Play like a Vertex: A Stackelberg Game Approach for Streaming Graph Partitioning. Zezhong Ding, Yongan Xiang, Shangyou Wang, Xike Xie, S. Kevin Zhou. SIGMOD 2024

■ Mayfly: a Neural Data Structure for Graph Stream Summarization. Yuan Feng, Yukun Cao, Hairu Wang, Xike Xie, S. Kevin Zhou. ICLR 2024 Spotlight

■ Attacks on Continual Semantic Segmentation by Perturbing Incremental Samples. Zhidong Yu, Wei Yang, Xike Xie, Zhenbo Shi. AAAI 2024

■ TIKP: Text-to-Image Knowledge Preservation for Continual Semantic Segmentation. Zhidong Yu, Wei Yang, Xike Xie, Zhenbo Shi. AAAI 2024

■ A Probabilistic Sketch for Summarizing Cold Items of Data Streams. Yongqiang Liu, Xike Xie. TON 2023

■ Multithreading Heterogeneous Graph Aggregation. Kai Zou, Haoyun Li, Xike Xie, Sean X. Wang. TKDE 2023

■ OT-Filter: An Optimal Transport Filter for Learning with Noisy Labels. Chuanwen Feng, Yilong Ren, Xike Xie. CVPR 2023

■ Learn to Explore: on Bootstrapping Interactive Data Exploration with Meta-learning. Yukun Cao, Xike Xie, Kexing Huang. ICDE 2023

■ Meta-sketch: A Neural Data Structure for Estimating Item Frequencies of Data Streams. Yukun Cao, Yuan Feng, Xike Xie. AAAI 2023

■ GX-Plug: a Middleware for Plugging Accelerators to Distributed Graph Processing. Kai Zou, Xike Xie, Qi Li, Deyu Kong. ICDE 2022

■ Clustering-based Partitioning for Large Web Graphs. Deyu Kong, Xike Xie, Zhuoxu Zhang. ICDE 2022

■ Multi-dimensional Probabilistic Regression over Imprecise Data Streams. Ran Gao, Xike Xie, Kai Zou, Torben Bach Pedersen. TheWebConf 2022

■ STUaNet: Understanding uncertainty in spatiotemporal collective human mobility. Zhengyang Zhou, Yang Wang, Xike Xie, Lei Qiao and Yuantao Li. WWW 2021

■ On Efficient and Scalable Time-Continuous Spatial Crowdsourcing. Ting Wang, Xike Xie, Xin Cao, Torben Bach Pedersen, Yang Wang, Mingjun Xiao. ICDE 2021

■ Crowdsensing Data Trading based on Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit and Stackelberg Game. Baoyi An, Mingjun Xiao, An Liu, Xike Xie, Xiaofang Zhou. ICDE 2021

■ Inductive Link Prediction for Nodes Having Only Attribute Information. Yu Hao, Xin Cao, Yixiang Fang, Xike Xie, Sibo Wang. IJCAI 2020: 1209-1215

■ Achieving Secure and Dynamic Range Queries Over Encrypted Cloud Data. Wei Yang, Yangyang Geng, Xike Xie, Liusheng Huang. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), accepted (2020)

■ Real-time Travel Time Estimation with Sparse Reliable Surveillance Information. Wen Zhang, Yang Wang, Xike Xie, Chuancai Ge, Hengchang Liu. UBICOMP 2020

■ A Data-driven Sequential Localization Framework for Big Telco Data. Fangzhou Zhu, Mingxuan Yuan, Xike Xie, Ting Wang, Shenglin Zhao, Weixiong Rao, Jia Zeng. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), accepted (2020)

■ RiskOracle: A Minute-level Citywide Traffic Accident Forecasting Framework. Zhengyang Zhou, Yang Wang, Xike Xie, Lianliang Chen, Hengchang Liu. AAAI 2020

■ OLAP over Probabilistic Data Cubes II: on Parallelization and Aggregating Extension. Xike Xie, Kai Zou, Xingjun Hao, Torben Bach Pedersen, Peiquan Jin, Wei Yang. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), accepted (2019)

■ A Survey of Spatial Crowdsourcing. Srinivasa Raghavendra Bhuvan Gummidi, Xike Xie*, Torben Bach Pedersen. ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 44(2), Article 8, 46 pages (2019)

■ A Utility-optimized Framework for Personalized Private Histogram Estimation. Yiwen Nie, Wei Yang, Liusheng Huang, Xike Xie, Zhenhua Zhao, and Shaowei Wang. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 31(4):655-669 (2019)

■ Real-time Traffic Pattern Analysis and Inference with Sparse Video Surveillance Information. Yang Wang, Yiwei Xiao, Xike Xie, Ruoyu Chen, Hengchang Liu. IJCAI 2018: 3571-3578

■ Reverse Keyword-Based Location Search. Xike Xie, Xin Lin, Jianliang Xu, Christian S. Jensen. ICDE 2017: 375-386

■ Elite: an Elastic Infrastructure for Big Spatiotemporal Trajectories. Xike Xie, Benjin Mei, Jinchuan Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Christian S. Jensen. Very Large Data Base Journal (VLDBJ), 25(4): 473-493 (2016)

■ OLAP over Probabilistic Data Cubes I: Aggregating, Materializing, and Querying. Xike Xie, Xingjun Hao, Torben Bach Pedersen, Peiquan Jin, Jinchuan Chen. ICDE 2016: 799-810

■ Learning-Aided Cleansing for Indoor RFID data. Asif Iqbal Baba, Manfred Jaeger, Hua Lu, Torben Bach Pedersen, Wei-Shinn Ku, Xike Xie. SIGMOD 2016: 925-936

■ Enabling Scalable Geographic Service Sharing with Weighted Imprecise Voronoi Cells. Xike Xie, Peiquan Jin, Man Lung Yiu, Jiang Du, Mingxuan Yuan, Christian S. Jensen. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 28(2):439-453 (2016)

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Research Grants

■ Crowdsourcing-aided Data Quality Management towards Sparse Urban Sensing (NSFC, Grant No. 62072428, 2021-2024)

■ Human-Computer Collaborative Data Exploration System over Massive Data (NSFC, Grant No. 61772492, 2017-2021)

■ A GPU-aided Distributed Graph System (CCF-Huawei Database Innovation Research Program, 2019-2020)

■ Location Data Quality Management for IoT Systems (NSF of Jiangsu Province, Grant No. BK20171240)


■ Database Sytstems,USTC,BSc Course,2020

■ Datawarehouse and Data Mining,USTC, MSc Course, 2019,2020

■ Frontiers of Database Technology,USTC,PhD Course,2018,2019,2020

■ Advanced Database System, AAU,MSc Course,2012, 2013,2014, 2015 (with Christian Thomsen)

■ Study Group on Spatiotemporal Databases, AAU,PhD Course,2015 (with Katja Hose)

■ Database System (SW6), AAU, BSc Chourse,2012(with Hua Lu)


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Email: xkxie at ustc dot edu dot cn