USTC Astronomy Colloquium/Seminar Series
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2022 Spring

2022/03/01 Tue 4PM Ji'an Jiang, 姜继安 IPMU, Japan Fast Transient Studies with Deep/High-cadence Time-domain Surveys Gui-lin Liu, 刘桂琳
2022/03/08 Tue 4PM Xiaoyuan Huang,黄晓渊 PMO A GeV-TeV particle component and the barrier of cosmic-ray sea in the Central Molecular ZoneJian Li, 李剑
2022/03/09 Tue 4PM Shuangnan Zhang,张双南 IHEP 中国空间站探索极端宇宙计划:POLAR-2和HERDJian Li, 李剑
2022/03/15 Tue 4PM Hassen Yesuf IPMU Relating Morphological Asymmetry and Large-scale Environment to Star formation and Gas Accretion in Galaxies Wentao Luo, 罗文涛
2022/03/29 Tue 4PM Wenting Wang, 王文婷 上海交通大学 The low-mass population of satellites and faint diffuse stellar halos of isolated central galaxiesHongxin Zhang, 张红欣
2022/04/12 Tue 4PM Suoqing Ji, 季索清 上海天文台 Microphysical and non-thermal processes in the circumgalactic medium: turbulence, magnetic fields and cosmic rays Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2022/04/26 Tue 4PM Kenneth Wong NAOJ Strong Lensing Insights into the Hubble Tension Wentao Luo, 罗文涛
2022/05/17 Tue 4PM ling Zhu,朱玲 上海天文台 Uncover the assembly histories of galaxies in the Fornax cluster combing stellar kinematics and Populations Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2022/06/07 Tue 4PM baitian Tang, 汤柏添 中山大学 The Near-field Universe Investigation through Chemistry Hongxin Zhang, 张红欣
2022/06/14 Tue 4PM Xue-bing Wu, 吴学兵 KIAA TBD Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2022/06/21 Tue 4PM TBD TBD TBD TBD
2022/06/28 Tue 4PM TBD TBD TBD TBD

2021 Fall

2022/01/18 Tue 4PM Jiajun Zhang, 张佳骏 上海天文台 21cm Intensity Mapping with BINGO Wen-tao Luo, 罗文涛
2022/01/04 Tue 4PM Tianlu Chen, 陈天禄 西藏大学 甚高能伽马天文观测的利器——大气切伦科夫望远镜 Yifu Cai,蔡一夫;Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/12/30 Thu 4PM Jiachen Jiang, 姜嘉陈 清华大学 Traversing the Vicinity of Black Holes Using X-rays Ning Jiang,蒋凝
2021/12/28 Tue 4PM Zheng Cai, 蔡铮 清华大学 用吸收线核发射线的方法研究高红移星系周气体、星系际介质和大尺度结构 Wen Zhao,赵文
2021/12/21 Tue 4PM Huanian Zhang, 张华年 华中科学技术大学 Detection of the Circumgalactic Medium of Nearby Galaxies via Emission Lines Yi-fu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/12/07 Tue 4PM Ping Zhou, 周平 南京大学 超新星遗迹的多样性 Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/11/30 Tue 4PM Yu Rong, 容昱 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 星系形成与演化的一些研究 TBD
2021/11/30 Tue 10AM Kuan Wang, 王宽 University of Michigan Evolution of Dark Matter Halo Structure & Constraints on Galaxy Assembly Bias Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/11/23 Tue 4PM Junhui Fan, 樊军辉 广州大学 耀变体的喷流效应 Jian Li, 李剑
2021/11/16 Tue 4PM Jianmin Wang, 王建民 中科院高能物理所 光干涉测量:宇宙学距离和大质量双黑洞 Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2021/11/02 Tue 4PM Yinzhe Ma, 马寅哲 University of KwaZulu-Natal Where are the 4.8% baryons in the Universe? Huiyuan Wang, 王慧元
2021/10/28 Thu 4PM Yi Mao, 茅奕 清华大学 The 21 cm Cosmology in the Era of SKA Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/10/22 Mon 4PM Yunsong Piao, 朴云松 中国科学院大学 Hubble常数危机的启示 Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/10/19 Tue 4PM Jirong Mao, 毛基荣 云南天文台 High-energy Transients: Multi-messenger and Multi-wavelength Studies Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/10/14 Thu 4PM Cristina Popescu University of Central Lancashire Decoding the spectral energy distribution of the Milky Way and local Universe galaxies Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/10/12 Tue 4PM Haijun Tian, 田海俊 三峡大学 The stellar "snake" and its extended structure Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/09/28 Tue 4PM Lian Tao, 陶炼 中科院高能物理所 “全变源追踪猎人星座”计划(CATCH)介绍 Ning Jiang, 蒋凝
2021/09/21 Tue 4PM Yezhi Song, 宋叶志 上海天文台 天体力学与航天测控系统 Hongxin Zhang, 张红欣
2021/09/16 Thu 4PM Qingling Ni, 倪清泠 University of Edinburgh Probing the coevolution of black holes and galaxies utilizing X-ray surveys Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2021/09/14 Tue 4PM Zhen Cao, 曹臻 中科院高能物理所 LHAASO and Its First Few Discoveries —— Onset of the UHE gamma-ray Astronomy Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/09/07 Tue 4PM Yizhong Fan, 范一中 紫金山天文台 引力波与天体物理 Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智

2021 Spring

2021/07/27 Tue 4PM Teng Liu, 刘腾 MPE, Germany The eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS) Lulu Fan,范璐璐
2021/07/20 Tue 4PM Shaolin Xiong, 熊少林 IHEP “怀柔一号”(GECAM)卫星在轨观测初步结果 Lulu Fan,范璐璐
2021/07/13 Tue 4PM Zhongxiang Wang, 王仲翔 Yunnan University Probing high-energy physical processes with gamma-ray observations Jian Li, 李剑
2021/06/24 Thu 4PM Xiaofeng Wang, 王晓锋 Tsinghua University Time-domain Astronomy in the Era of Minute-cadence Survey Tinggui Wang, 王挺贵
2021/06/24 Thu 10AM Yao Liu, 刘尧 PMO 原行星盘中的尘埃演化 Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2021/06/15 Tue 4PM Boxuan Tan, 谭柏轩 SYSU Finding new compact binaries using TESS Jian Li, 李剑
2021/06/08 Tue 4PM Junzhi Wang, 王均智 SHAO Molecular gas in HI-rich Ultra-diffuse Galaxies Hongxing Zhang, 张红欣
2021/06/01 Tue 4PM Donghai Zhao, 赵东海 SHAO A universal model for evolution of dark matter halos Xu Kong, 孔旭
2021/05/20 Thu 4PM Pu Du, 杜璞 IHEP 高吸积率AGN的反响映射 Ning Jiang, 蒋凝
2021/05/11 Tue 4PM Bei You, 游贝 Wuhan University Timing and spectral properties of Black hole X-ray binary Ning Jiang, 蒋凝
2021/05/10 Mon 4PM Enwei Liang, 梁恩维 Guangxi University 宇宙伽玛射线暴的多信使研究 Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2021/04/29 Thu 4PM Yuqing Lou, 楼宇庆 Tsinghua University Magnetized Supermassive Stars Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/04/27 Tue 4PM Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫 USTC A brief introduction to the sound speed resonance cosmology Lulu Fan,范璐璐
2021/04/13 Tue 4PM Ji-An Jiang, 姜继安 IPMU, Japan Catching the First Light of Type Ia Supernovae: the Opportunities and Challenges of Time-domain Surveys Qingfeng Zhu, 朱青峰
2021/04/06 Tue 4PM Jinlin Han, 韩金林 NAOC The FAST Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot survey:Strategy and First Results Wen Zhao,赵文
2021/03/30 Tue 4PM Yi Yang, 杨轶 UC, Berkeley Probing the Shapes of Supernovae with Polarized Photons Lin Xiao, 肖琳
2021/03/23 Tue 4PM Wencong Chen, 陈文聪 Qingdao University of Technology Studies on the continuous gravitational wave sources Yefei Yuan, 袁业飞
2021/03/22 Mon 4PM Fei Yan, 严飞 University of Göttingen 超热木星大气的探测与研究 Guilin Liu, 刘桂林
2021/03/16 Tue 4PM Haoran Yu, 于浩然 Xiamen University Galaxy spins from the primordial perturbations Ning Jiang, 蒋凝
2021/01/14 Tue 4PM Donggang Wang, 王东刚 University of Cambridge Probing cosmic inflation with primordial non-Gaussianities Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2021/01/12 Tue 4PM Kejia Lee, 李柯伽 Peking University Search for Fast radio bursts with Chinese radio telescopes Wen Zhao,赵文
2021/01/05 Tue 4PM Xinwen Shu, 舒新文 Anhui Normal University 超大质量(双)黑洞潮汐瓦解恒星事件 Lulu Fan,范璐璐

2020 Fall

2020/12/29 Tue 2PM Xiangcheng Ma, 马详呈 UC, Berkeley Decipher the ubiquitous bursty phase in high-redshift galaxy formation Tinggui Wang, 王挺贵
2020/12/22 Tue 8PM Claus Leitherer STScI, USA Cosmic Reionization – Clues in the Local Universe Maria Messineo
2020/12/15 Tue 4PM Liang Chen, 陈亮 SHAO Analytical model of magnetically dominated jets/outflows Yefei Yuan, 袁业飞
2020/12/10 Thu 4PM Cheng Cheng, 程诚 NAOC A kpc-scale resolved study of star-formation activity in normal galaxies at z= 1.5 and 2.2 from ALMA, VLT and HST Lulu Fan, 范璐璐
2020/12/08 Tue 4PM Jie Wang, 王杰 NAOC Simulating the structure formation over 30 order of magnitudes in mass Wen Zhao,赵文
2020/12/01 Tue 4PM Jiaxin Han, 韩家信 Shanghai Jiaotong University The dynamical state and boundary of dark matter halos Lulu Fan, 范璐璐
2020/11/24 Tue 4PM Ruoyu Liu, 柳若愚 Nanjing University Gamma-ray halo of pulsar: origin and implications Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2020/11/17 Tue 4PM Tie Liu, 刘铁 SHAO Observational studies of star formation in the Milky Way with ALMA Qingfeng Zhu, 朱青峰
2020/11/12 Thu 4PM Shifu Zhu, 朱世甫 Penn State The Lx–Luv–Lradio relation and corona–disc–jet connection in optically selected radio-loud quasars Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2020/11/10 Tue 4PM Jian Li, 李剑 DESY, Germany The Heart of Darkness Guilin Liu, 刘桂琳
2020/11/05 Thu 4PM Haipeng An, 安海鹏 Tsinghua University An oscillatory gravitational wave signal from phase transition during inflation Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2020/11/03 Tue 4PM Jiasheng Huang, 黄家声 NAOC SED classification for LIRGs at z~1 Yifu Cai, 蔡一夫
2020/10/29 Thu 4PM Bing Liu, 刘彬 Cornell University Binary Mergers in Tertiary-induced Channel Yefei Yuan, 袁业飞
2020/10/27 Tue 4PM Zhonglue Wen, 文中略 NAOC Find more clusters of galaxies to understand the Universe Wenjuan Fang, 方文娟
2020/10/27 Tue 2PM Huanian Zhang, 张华年 Steward Observatory The CircumGalactic Medium in the era of DESI Guilin Liu, 刘桂琳
2020/10/20 Tue 4PM Yongfeng Huang, 黄永锋 Nanjing University 寻找奇异夸克行星 Yongquan Xue, 薛永泉
2020/10/13 Tue 4PM Guangxing Li, 李广兴 Yunnan University Star formation — Making complex things understandable Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2020/09/29 Tue 4PM Jianhua He, 何建华 Nanjing University Testing modifications of gravity from galaxy motions on cosmological scales Wen Zhao,赵文
2020/09/28 Mon 4PM Siyi Feng, 冯思轶 East Asian Observatory Astrochemistry tool: from the star formation to the cradle of life Ruizhi Yang, 杨睿智
2020/09/22 Tue 4PM Xuelei Chen, 陈学雷 NAOC 21cm宇宙学的探索—天籁与鸿蒙 Wen Zhao,赵文
2020/09/17 Thu 4PM Min Fang, 房敏 Caltech Young stars and their protoplanetary disk evolution: An Observational Perspective Hongxing Zhang, 张红欣
2020/09/15 Tue 4PM Tao An, 安涛 SHAO High resolution radio observations of transients Lulu Fan,范璐璐
2020/09/02 Wed 2:30PM Zigao Dai, 戴子高 Nanjing University Fast Radio Bursts Wen Zhao,赵文

2020 Spring

2020/06/02 Tue 4PM Yuan, Feng 袁峰 SHAO Numerical Study of AGN Feedback Y. Yuan
2020/05/26 Tue 4PM Xie, Fuguo 谢富国 SHAO Theory and Observations of Hot Accretion Flows J. Wang
2020/05/21 Thu 4PM Wang, Jianmin 王建民 IHEP 宇宙学距离的几何测量 Y. Yuan
2020/05/19 Tue 4PM Guo, Fulai 郭福来 SHAO The Circumgalactic Medium and AGN Feedback in the Milky Way Y. Yuan
2020/05/12 Tue 4PM Wang, Xiangyu 王祥玉 NJU Multi-messenger approach to study the origin of high-energy cosmic rays Y. Yuan
2020/04/28 Tue 4PM Jin, Chichuan 金驰川 NAOC Time-domain survey of the dynamic X-ray Universe with the Einstein Probe mission J. Wang
2020/04/21 Tue 4PM Bai, Xuening 白雪宁 Tsinghua University Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks and Planet Formation Y. Yuan
2020/04/14 Tue 4PM Shao, Lijing 邵立晶 KIAA Testing Spacetime Structures with Binary Pulsars and Gravitational Waves Y.-F. Cai
2020/02/27 Thu 4PM Fu, Xiaoting 符晓婷 KIAA TBD (Canceled due to COVID-19) Z. Cai
2020/02/26 Wed 4PM Chen, Xiaoyang 陈晓阳 Tohoku University TBD (Canceled due to COVID-19) Z. Cai

2019 Fall

2020/01/14 Tue 4PM Li, Ang 李昂 厦门大学 Neutron star and quark star: What is the matter state at exceedingly high density W. Zhao
2020/01/07 Tue 4PM Luo, Ali 罗阿理 国家天文台 The Data of LAMOST-I and LAMOST-II Survey T. Wang
2020/01/03 Fri 4PM Zheng, Yirui 郑奕锐 Univ. of St. Andrews Comparison of stellar populations of simulated and real post-starburst galaxies in MaNGA X. Wu
2019/12/31 Tue 4PM Du, Fujun 杜福君 紫金山天文台 Astrochemistry: from Interstellar Medium to Early Solar System H. Zhang
2019/12/26 Thu 4PM Luo, Wentao 罗文涛 Kavli IPMU Weak lensing measurement and applications H. Wang
2019/12/24 Tue 4PM Dai, Yu 戴昱 NAOC Correlation between AGNs and their host galaxies: An Infrared Perspective L. Fan
2019/12/20 Fri 4PM Wang, Lile 王力乐 Flatiron Institute Consistent Microphysics in Astrophysical Simulations:
Why we need it, how we make it, and where we use it
N. Jiang
2019/12/19 Thu 4PM Ji, Suoqing 季索清 Caltech The Cosmic Ray-Dominated Circumgalactic Medium L. Fan
2019/12/17 Tue 4PM Fan, Zuhui 范祖辉 云南大学 Cosmological studies with weak lensing peak statistics W. Fang
2019/12/16 Mon 4PM Wang, Jianmin 王建民 高能所 大质量双黑洞:反响映射观测 Y. Yuan
2019/12/12 Thu 4PM Mao, Yi 茅奕 清华大学 The 21-cm cosmology in the era of SKA Y.-F. Cai
2019/12/10 Tue 4PM Wang, Fayin 王发印 南京大学 快速射电暴的研究进展 W. Zhao
2019/12/05 Thu 4PM Mosallanezhad, Amin USTC Black Hole Accretion and Outflow Y. Yuan
2019/12/03 Tue 4PM Wang, Junzhi 王均智 SHAO Molecular Oxygen in the Nearest QSO Mrk231 Q. Zhu
2019/11/27 Wed 4PM Achucarro, Ana Leiden University Observing the Big Bang Y.-F. Cai
2019/11/26 Tue 4PM Li, Cheng 李成 清华大学 Mapping the stars, gas and dust in nearby galaxies W. Fang
2019/11/20 Wed 4PM Valls-Gabaud, David CNRS, Observatoire de Paris THE MESSIER SURVEYOR:
X. Kong
2019/11/19 Tue 4PM Ao, Yiping 敖宜平 紫金山天文台 Evidence for infalling gas in a Lyman alpha blob H. Zhang
2019/11/18 Mon 4PM Ge, Jian 葛健 Univ. of Florida 未来空间和地面搜寻地球2.0 X. Kong
2019/11/12 Tue 4PM Cheng, Jingquan 程景全 紫金山天文台 Development of Optical (Infrared) Space Telescopes Q. Zhu
2019/10/31 Thu 4PM Ma, Bo 马波 中山大学 探测系外行星的视向速度法:过去,现在,和将来 N. Jiang
2019/10/29 Tue 4PM Liu, Jinzhong 刘进忠 新疆天文台 Optical Research Progress in Time-dominant Astronomy W. Zhao
2019/10/22 Tue 4PM Gao, He 高鹤 北京师范大学 Electromagnetic counterparts for binary neutron star mergers W. Zhao
2019/10/15 Tue 4PM Xue, Yongquan 薛永泉 中科大 Radiance from a magnetar as the aftermath of a binary neutron-star merger 6.6 billion light years away W. Fang
2019/10/08 Tue 4PM Zhou, Hongyan 周宏岩 中科大 & 极地中心 Fast Inflow Directly Feeding Black Hole Accretion Disk in Quasars T. Wang
2019/09/26 Thu 4PM Er, Xinzhong 尔欣中 云南大学 From gravitational lensing to plasma lensing W. Zhao
2019/09/24 Tue 4PM Guo, Hong 郭宏 SHAO 上海天文台 Recent Progress on Clustering-Lensing Discrepancy Y.-F. Cai
2019/09/19 Thu 4PM Rong, Yu 容昱 智利天主教大学 Intrinsic Morphology Evolution of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies H. Zhang
2019/09/19 Thu 3PM Ni, Wei-Tou 倪维斗 国家天文台 引力波探测与其展望 Y.-F. Cai
2019/09/17 Tue 4PM Li, Jiangtao 李江涛 U. Michigan What is beyond the “visible” galaxy? G. Liu
2019/09/10 Tue 4PM Wang, Xilu 王夕露 Notre Dame & Berkeley Probing Nucleosynthesis From Explosive Transients Y. Yuan

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2019 Spring

2019/08/08 Thu 4PM Achamveedu, Gopakumar Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India Modeling gravitational wave signals from non-circular compact binaries Y.-F. Cai
2019/08/06 Tue 4PM Achamveedu, Gopakumar Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India Blazar OJ287 and its nano-Hertz GW emitting massive BH binary central engine Y.-F. Cai
2019/07/18 Thu 4PM Hongsheng Zhao University of St Andrews The forgotten dynamics: why textbooks are always wrong X.-F. Wu
2019/07/10 Wed 4PM Sjouwerman, Lorant NRAO/VLA, Socorro A Masing BAaDE's window Messineo, M.
2019/07/09 Tue 4PM Chen, Xue-Fei 陈雪飞 云南天文台 双星演化及其在天体物理中的应用 Zhang,H.-X.
2019/07/02 Tue 4PM Dong, Ruo-Bing 蕫若冰 University of Victoria Observational Planet Formation Liu,G.-L.
2019/06/25 Tue 4PM Lv, Nan-Yao 吕南姚 NAOC Mid-J CO Line Emission of (U)LIRGs Near and Far Zhang,H.-X.
2019/06/20(c) Thu 4PM Zhang, Bin-Bin 张彬彬 南京大学 Gamma-ray Burst Research in the Gravitational Wave Era Cai,Y.-F.
2019/06/18(s) Tue 4PM Shen, Lu 沈璐 University of California, Davis The Role of Environment in Radio Galaxies Liu,G.-L.
2019/06/11 Tue 4PM Messineo Maria USTC Something about red supergiants in the Galaxy Messineo, M.
2019/06/05 Wed 4PM Cui, Weiguang 崔伟广 University of Edinburgh An introduction and invitation from the 300 — a large catalogue of theoretically modelled galaxy clusters H.-Y. Wang
2019/06/04 Tue 4PM Qiu, Ke-Ping 邱科平 南京大学 A comprehensive survey of massive star formation in Cygnus-X Zhang,H.-X.
2019/05/28 Tue 4PM Liu, Feng-Shan 刘凤山 沈阳师范大学 Spatially Resolved View of Galaxy Assembly and Quenching over 0.5 < z < 2.5 Zhang,H.-X.
2019/05/21 Tue 4PM Jiang, Lin-Hua 江林华 KIAA A Magellan M2FS Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies at Redshift >= 6 Zhang,H.-X.
2019/05/20 Mon 4PM Ruffini, Remo University of Rome From introducing the Black with John Wheeler to the Observation of the action of a newly born Black Hole in GRB 190114C Yuan,Y.-F.
2019/05/14 Tue 4PM Gregory Herczeg KIAA Accretion onto Pre-main Sequence Stars Zhang,H.-X./Wang,T.-G.
2019/05/07 Tue 4PM Cai, Chao-Wei 蔡肇伟 国家天文台 The Gobbling Monsters within the Hot DOGs Zhang,H.-X.
2019/04/30 Tue 4PM Kang, Xi 康熙 紫金山天文台 The Milky Way satellite galaxies Xue,Y.-Q.
2019/04/23 Tue 4PM Wang, Shan-Qin 王善钦 广西大学 超亮超新星及其能源模型研究 Cai,Y.-F.
2019/04/16 Tue 4PM Zhu, Ling 朱玲 上海天文台 Disentangling galaxy formation history through a population-orbit superposition model Zhang,H.-X.
2019/04/11 Thu 4PM Wang, Yu-Ting 王鈺婷 国家天文台 Analysis of galaxy clustering and cosmological implications using galaxy redshift surveys Cai,Y.-F.
2019/04/09 Tue 4PM Gu, Min-Feng 顾敏峰 上海天文台 The pc-scale Radio Structure and Variability in Radio-loud AGNs Xue,Y.-Q.
2019/04/02 Tue 4PM Inayoshi, Kohei KIAA Black hole accretion in the present-day and early universe Cai,Y.-F.
2019/03/29 Fri 4PM Oknyansky Victor Moscow State University Changing look AGNs: Monitoring project and first results Jiang,N.
2019/03/28 Thu 4PM Jing, Yi-Peng 景益鹏 上海交大 Measuring the Milky Way's mass in a cosmological context Kong,X.
2019/03/26 Tue 4PM Sun, Xiao-Hui 孙晓辉 云南大学 Radio Polarimetry: a Powerful Tool to Study Interstellar Medium Xue,Y.-Q.
2019/03/21 Thu 4PM You, Bei 游贝 武汉大学 Modelling Quasi-Periodic-Oscillation in Black hole X-ray binary Jiang,N.

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2018 Fall

08/28 Tue 4pm Xue, Wei 薛巍 Florida State University Femtolensing by Dark Matter Revisited Cai, Y.-F.
08/30 Thu 4pm Rong, Yu 容昱 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile A Small Step of Understanding Blueberry Galaxies: Spectroscopic and Photometric Studies of Two Starburst Dwarf Galaxies Zhang, H.-X.
09/04 Tue 2pm Lai, Dong 赖东 Cornell University Circumbinary Accretion: From Supermassive Binary Black Holes to Circumbinary Planets Kong, X.
09/04 Tue 4pm Wuyts, Stijn University of Bath Galaxy evolution since cosmic noon: lessons from gas, dust and star formation Kong, X.
09/18 Tue 4pm Wen, Linqing 温琳清 University of Western Australia Gravitational Wave Discovery Zhao, W.
09/19 Wed 4pm Qian, Yong-Zhong 钱永忠 University of Minnesota Neutrinos in the Cosmos: A Nobel Perspetive Kong, X.
09/25 Tue 4pm Zu, Ying 祖颖 上海交通大学 Galaxy-Halo Connection for Next Generation Galaxy Surveys Cai, Y.-F.
09/27 Thu 4pm Marciano, Antonino 复旦大学 Gravitational waves as probes of new physics at the onset of multi-messenger astronomy Cai, Y.-F.
09/30 Sun 4pm Zhao, Yinghe 赵应和 云南天文台 Far-infrared Line Observations in Nearby and High-z Galaxies Zhang, H.-X.
10/09 Tue 4pm Li, Cheng 李成 清华大学 What drives galaxy quenching? Insights from current IFU and CO intensity mapping surveys. Kong, X.
10/11 Thu 4pm Cheng, Cheng 程诚 国家天文台 Star formation efficiency of the galaxies at z ~ 0.15 Zhang, H.-X.
10/16 Tue 4pm Cai, Yi-Fu 蔡一夫 中国科大 A new mechanism of generating Primordial Black Holes from sound speed resonance Zhang, H.-X./DoA
10/23 Tue 4pm Li, Di 李菂 国家天文台 The Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) Kong, X.
10/30 Tue 4pm Shao, Li-Jing 邵立晶 北京大学 Testing gravity with pulsars and gravitational waves Zhao, W.
11/06 Tue 4pm(s) Yang, Lili 杨莉莉 中山大学 Multi-Messenger Study of Astro Objects Cai, Y.-F.
11/08 Thu 4pm(c) Qiu, Taotao 邱涛涛 华中师范大学 To Bang or to Bounce? The Origin of Our Universe Cai, Y.-F.
11/13 Tue 4pm Zhao, Gongbo 赵公博 国家天文台 Cosmological implications of the BOSS and eBOSS galaxy surveys Fang, W.-J.
11/20 Tue 4pm Shu, Xin-Wen 舒新文 安徽师范大学 高红移极度尘埃遮蔽星系亚毫米波段的研究 Zhang, H.-X./DoA
11/26 Mon 4pm(c) Dong, Su-Bo 东苏勃 北京大学 The Full Transient Sky at < 17 mag Zhang, H.-X./DoA
11/28 Wed 2:30pm(s) Rajiv Kumar 厦门大学 The study of accretion flow and disk structures around black holes Yuan, Y.-F.
12/04 Tue 4pm Xue, XiangXiang 薛香香 国家天文台 The halo of the Milky Way Wu, X.-F.
12/11 Tue 4pm Lin, Wei-Peng 林伟鹏 中山大学 利用多体/流体数值模拟进行星系和星系团际恒星成分模拟观测 Zhang, H.-X./Wang,H.-Y.
12/18 Tue 4pm Wu, Qingwen 吴庆文 华中科技大学 宇宙中的黑洞 Xue, Y.-Q.
12/25 Tue 4pm Shi, Yong 施勇 南京大学 Star Formation Across Cosmic Time Xue, Y.-Q.
12/27 Thu 10am Mosallanezhad, Amin USTC The properties of wind generated from accretion flows Yuan, Y.-F.
12/27 Thu 4pm Li, Ran 李然 国家天文台 Exploring the identity of dark matter with strong gravitational lensing Liu, G.-L.
12/28 Fri 4pm(s) Fang, Xuan 方玄 香港大学 Planetary Nebulae as Probes of the Stellar and Galaxy Evolution Zhang, H.-X.
01/03 Thu 4pm Liu, Xiao-Jin 刘小金 University of Manchester Correlated noise and frequency second derivative in precision pulsar timing Zhao, W.
01/04 Fri 4pm Gary Ferland University of Kentucky Understanding the absorption line holiday in NGC5548 Wang,T.-G.
01/08 Tue 4pm Guo, Qi 郭琦 国家天文台 Simulating the universe: from dwarf spheroidals to cD galaxies Zhang,H.-X./Wang,H.-Y.
01/09 Wed 4pm Vito, Fabio Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile The early growth of supermassive black holes as seen by Chandra Xue,Y.-Q.
01/15 Tue 4pm(c) Bu, De-Fu 部德福 上海天文台 wind from black hole accretion disk and AGNs feedback Zhang,H.-X./Yuan,Y.-F.
01/16 Wed 4pm(s) Ai, Wen-Yuan 慕尼黑工业大学 真空衰变False Vacuum Decay Cai,Y.-F.
01/17 Thu 4pm(s) Xu, Zhi-Lei 徐智磊 University of Pennsylvania Cosmic Microwave Background-observations from the Atacama Desert Cai,Y.-F./Zhao,W.

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2018 Spring

03/20 Tue 4pm Zhu, Wei-Wei 朱炜玮 NAOC 脉冲星搜寻与检验引力理论 Zhao, W
03/27 Tue 4pm Zhang, Hong-Xin 张红欣 USTC 极致密矮星系的起源 Liu, G-L
Seminar 03/29 Thu 4pm Fan, Lu-Lu 范璐璐 Shandong Univ. Multiwavelength studies of the most luminous, dust-obscured quasars in the universe Xue, Y-Q
04/03 Tue 4pm Qiao, Er-Lin 乔二林 NAOC 吸积盘的蒸发与冕的凝聚及其在不同尺度黑洞吸积系统中的应用 Xue, Y-Q
04/10 Tue 4pm Gu, Wei-Min 顾为民 Xiamen Univ. Outflows in accretion system: physics and apllication Wang, J-X
Seminar 04/19 Thu 4pm Luo, Yang 罗阳 Xiamen Univ. Direct Collapse to Supermassive Black Hole Seeds with Radiative Transfer Sun, M-Y; Xue, Y-Q
04/24 Tue 4pm Cao, Xin-Wu 曹新伍 SHAO 活动星系核和X射线双星中的吸积盘磁场加速外流模型 Wang, J-X
Seminar 05/03 Thu 4pm Zhang, Zhi-Yu 张智昱 Edinburgh/ESO Top-heavy IMF found in dusty starburst galaxies with ALMA Zhang, H-X
Seminar 05/08 Tue 4pm Shen, Jun-Tai 沈俊太 SHAO Gas flow patterns in barred galaxies and a potential mechanism to seed massive black holes Cai, Y-F
05/09 Wed 3:30pm Alan W. McConnachie MSE Opportunities in next generation multi-object spectroscopy: the science and status of the MSE Wang, T-G
Seminar 05/14 Mon 4pm Wang, Tao 王涛 NJU/U of Tokyo Revealing environmental dependence of massive galaxy formation in the most distant known X-ray cluster at z=2.51 Xue, Y-Q; Kong, X
05/15 Tue 4pm Zheng, Zhen-Ya 郑振亚 SHAO Probing Cosmic Reionization with Lyman Alpha Galaxies Wang, J-X
Seminar 05/17 Thu 4pm Du, Pu 杜璞 IHEP 高吸积率AGN的反响映射观测 Sun, M-Y, Xue, Y-Q
05/22 Tue 4pm Fan, Yi-Zhong 范一中 PMO 悟空号及其首批科学成果 Wang, T-G
Seminar 05/25 Fri 4pm Yang, Guang 杨光 Penn State Univ. What drives the growth of black holes? Xue, Y-Q
06/01 Fri 4pm Lu, You-Jun 陆由俊 NAOC Spin Evolution of Massive Black Holes in Galactic Centers Zhao, W
06/05 Tue 4pm Han, Wen-Biao 韩文标 SHAO 空间引力波探测器及低频引力波天文学 Yuan, Y-F
Seminar 06/11 Mon 4pm Long, Qian 龙潜 YNAO Gravitational N-body simulation techniques based on GPU cluster Zhu, Q-F
06/12 Tue 4pm Wu, Jian-Feng 武剑锋 Xiamen Univ. X-ray Emission of the Most Radio-loud Quasars at High redshift Xue, Y-Q
Seminar 06/19 Tue 4pm Yang, Xue-Juan 杨雪娟 Xiang-Tan Univ. Interstellar PAHs: from Aromacity, Aliphacity, to Superhydrogenation and Deuteration Zhen, J-F
Seminar 06/21 Thu 4pm Cao, Tian-Wen 曹天文 NAOC ALMA observations of NGC 5135: the circumnuclear CO (6-5) and dust continuum emission at 45 pc resolution Zhang, H-X
Seminar 06/28 Thu 4pm Wang, Xin 王鑫 UCLA Precise evolution of metallicity radial gradients at cosmic noon and its constraints on galaxy evolution Wang, E-C, Liu, G-L
Seminar 07/02 Mon 4pm Peng Jiang 姜鹏 中国极地研究中心南极天文学研究室 中国南极昆仑站空间碎片监测台站特点和实测 Cai, Y.-F.
Seminar 07/09 Mon 4pm Lian, Jian-Hui 连建辉 Portsmouth Univ. Chemical evolution of Milky Way and external galaxies revealed by APOGEE and MaNGA Kong, X
Seminar 07/11 Wed 4pm Xian-Yu, Zhong-Zhi 鲜予中之 Harvard Univ. Probing the Dark Universe with Compact Inspiraling Binaries Cai, Y.-F.
Seminar 07/27 Fri 4pm Hu, Xiao 胡晓 University of Nevada Non Ideal MHD in HL Tau: From Disk Atmosphere To Midplane Jiang, N.

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2017 Fall

09/05 Tue 4pm Hughes, Thomas 舒大同 Univ. of Valparaiso, Chile VALES: The Valparaiso ALMA Line Emission Survey Xue, Y-Q
09/12 Tue 4pm Fan, Xi-Long 范锡龙 Hubei 2nd Normal Univ. High-frequency gravitational-wave astronomy Zhao, W
09/19 Tue 4pm Liu, Ji-Feng 刘继峰 NAOC Multi-wavelength studies of stars and compact objects in light of LAMOST+ Kong, X
09/26 Tue 2pm Marios Karouzos Nature Astronomy, Springer-Nature What is Nature Astronomy and how do I get published in it? Kong, X
10/11 Wed 4pm Jonathan Trump Univ. of Connecticut, USA The Supermassive Black Hole Census over Cosmic Time Sun, M-Y;
Xue, Y-Q
10/12 Tur 4pm Lam, Man-I 林敏仪 SHAO VENGA: Possible Excitation Sources of Extend Diffuse Ionized Gas In Edge-on Galaxy and Prospect Cai, Y-F
10/17 Tue 4pm Wang, Wei 王伟 Wuhan Univ. Supernova progenitors probed by gamma raysZhao, W
10/24 Tue 4pm Zhu, Ming 朱明 NAOC HI galaxy survey with FAST Kong, X
10/31 Tue 4pm Yue, Bin 岳斌 NAOC On detecting the reionization sources Cai, Y-F
11/07 Tue 4pm Hu, Bin 胡彬(取消)Beijing Normal Univ. N/A Cai, Y-F
11/14 Tue 4pm Kang, Xi 康熙 Purple Mountain Obs. Galaxy alignment: from small to large scales Kong, X
11/16 Thu 4pm Jiang, Jia-Chen 姜嘉陈 IoA, Cambridge Univ. AGN X-ray spectroscopy related Xue, Y-Q
11/21 Tue 4pm Richard de Grijs KIAA Not-so-simple stellar populations in nearby, resolved massive star clusters Messineo, M
11/28 Tue 4pm Jin, Li-Ping 金立平 Jilin Univ. The Structure of Protoplanetary Disks and Diversity of Extrasolar Planets Yuan, Y-F
12/05 Tue 4pm Wang, Jun-Zhi 王均智 SHAO 大质量恒星形成区激波气体观测研究 Zhu, Q-F
12/12 Tue 4pm Wu, Xue-Feng 吴雪峰 PMO 利用宇宙暂现源检验相对论基本假设 Xue, Y-Q
12/18 Mon 4pm Ge, Jian 葛健 U of Florida Searching for Habitable Worlds Using Artificial Intelligence Kong, X
12/19 Tue 4pm Liu, Chao 刘超 NAOC Drawing a portrait for the Milky Way with LAMOST survey Wu, X-F
12/26 Tue 4pm Li, Di 李菂 NAOC An Unprecedented Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) and its Early Results Zhao, W
01/04 Thu 4pm Wen, Linqing 温琳清 Univ. of Western Australia 追踪探测双中子星系统并合产生的引力波和光 Zhao, W
01/09 Tue 4pm Wang, Q. Daniel 王青德 Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst Living alongside Monsters: Matter around Central Massive Black Holes Kong, X
01/10 Wed 4pm Yang, Rui-Zhi 杨睿智 MPI for Nuclear Physics The origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays: a point of view from gamma-ray observations Kong, X
01/23 Tue 4pm Ren, Jing 任婧 Univ. of Toronto Probing Astrophysical Black Holes through Gravitational Lensing Cai, Y-F
01/26 Fri 10am Liu, Jia 刘佳 Princeton Univ. Cosmology with Massive Neutrinos Cai, Y-F
01/30 Tue 4pm Wang, Dong-Gang 王东刚 Lorentz Inst. Leiden U CMB-related Cai, Y-F

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Previous Speakers from 2016 to 2017 Spring

Wang Yi, HKUST
David Elbaz (CEA Saclay)
张锴 University of Kentucky
夏同生 北航
Niel Brandt (Penn State University)
James Nester (Taiwan Tsinghua)
Kwan Chuen Chan (Spain)
kias 李霄栋
胡一鸣 中山大学
Franz Bauer (PUC)
Thijs Kouwenhoven 西交利物浦
Karl Schuster (IRAM)
Paul van der Werf (Leiden)
黄志琦 中山大学
韩家信 Durham University
郝蕾 上海台
石洵 (Max-Planck Institut fur Astrophysik)
李广兴 (Universitats-Sternwarte Munchen)
李成 清华
Chen Xian (KIAA, Peking U)
严人斌 (U of Kentucky)
沈志强 (上海台)
曾令震 Harvard–Smithsonian CfA
冯骅 清华

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