Dr. Huarui Yin        

Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China.

Contact Information:  


Email: yhr@ustc.edu.cn                                                                       


      B. S :  1996, Univ. of Sci. & Tech of China.

      Master  :  1999, Univ. of Sci. & Tech of China.

      Ph. D :  2006, Univ. of Sci. & Tech of China.

Research Interests:

Short-Range Wireless Communications

Throughput of Quasi Symmetric Multicast Wireless Networks.

Multiple Access of Mass Connections for Large Scale Antennas Wireless Network

Teaching Activities:

 Fundamental of Circuits, June 2016-July 2016

Selected Publications

1.      R. Xie, H. Yin, X. Chen and Z. Wang, "Many Access for Small Packets Based on  Precoding and Sparsity-aware Recovery, " accepted by IEEE Transactions on Communications.

2.     R. Xie, H. Yin, X. Chen and G. Wei, "Many Access for Small Packets Based on Precoding and Sparsity-aware Recovery," accepted by IEEE GlobeCom 2016, Washington, D. C.

3.     X. Li, D. Guo, J. Grosspietsch, H. Yin, and G. Wei, "Maximizing mobile coverage via optimal deployment of base station and relay, " IEEE Trans. Veh. Tech., vol. 65, pp. 5060-5072, 2016

4.     Z. WangH. Yin, W. Zhang and G. Wei,"Monobit Digital Receivers for QPSK: Design, Performance and Impact of IQ Imbalaces, " IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol.: 61,Iss. :8, pp3292-3303, Aug 2013 .

5.     L. Ke, A. Ramamoorthy, Z. Wang and  H. Yin, "Degrees of freedom region for an interference network with general message demands, " IEEE Transactions on Information theory, Vol. : 58, Issue :6, pp.3787-3797,June 2012.

6.     F. Sun, H. Yin, W. Wang, "Finite-Resolution Digital Receiver for UWB TOA Estimation," IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. 16, Issue 1, 2012, pp76-79

7.     L. Ke, A. Ramamoorthy, Z. Wang, and H. Yin. "Degrees of freedom region for an interference network with general message demands," In Proc. IEEE Intl. Symp. on Info. Theory, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 2011

8.     H. Yin, L. Ke, and Z. Wang. "Interference alignment and degrees of freedom region of cellular sigma channel," In Proc. IEEE Intl. Symp. on Info. Theory, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 2011.

9.    C. Zhang, H. Yin and P. Ren, "The Effects of Narrowband Interference on Finite-Resolution IR-UWB Digital Receiver ," IEEE Communications Letters,  March, 2011

10.  K. Liu, H. Yin, and W. Chen, "Low Complexity Tri-level Sampling Receiver Design for UWB Time-of-Arrival Estimation," IEEE International Conference on Communication 2011, Tokyo, Japan.

11.   H. Yin, Z. Wang, L. Ke and J. Wang. "Mono-bit Digital Receivers: Design, Performance, and Applications to impulse radio," IEEE Transactions on Communications, Volume 58 Issue 6, pp. 1695 C 1704, July 2010.

12.  C. Zhang, H. Yin, W. Wang , G.  Wei, " Selective Partial Decode-and-Forward Schemes For Distributed Space Time Coded Relaying Networks", IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Spring, 2009

13.  L. Ke, H. Yin, W. Gong, Z. Wang, "Finite-Resolution Digital Receiver Design for Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband Communication", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications,December,2008


l  Huarui Yin, Jun Wang, Weilin Gong, Peixia Xu, Weidong Wang, "An impulse radio receiving method based on one-bit    Sampling," open day: Apr. 26, 2008 (open number: CN101162951)

l  Huarui Yin, Jun Wang, Guo Wei, Weidong Wang, "An impulse radio signals intercepted method based on statistics of the pulse amplitude,"application day: Jun. 9, 2008 (open number: CN101325431B)

l  Fu Quan, Yin Huarui, Wang Jun, Wang Weidong, "A frequency domain linear equalizer for mono-bit receiver of Impulse Radio,"application day: Sep. 17, 2008( open number, CN101383791B)


  Collaborators: Zhengdao Wang (Professor, ISU)

Xiaohui Chen(Assoicate Professor, USTC)                                                                                       



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