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Journal Articles (in chronological order):
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126. Direct Observation for Dynamic Bond Evolution in Single-Atom Pt/C3N4 Catalysts
Zhang, L.; Long, R.; Zhang, Y.; Duan, D.; Xiong, Y.;* Zhang, Y.; Bi, Y.*Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201915774.

125. Integrating Bimetallic AuPd Nanocatalysts with a 2D Aza-Fused π-Conjugated Microporous Polymer for Light-Driven Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation
Li, Y.; Wang, L.; Low, J.; Wu, D.; Hu, C.; Jiang, W.; Ma, J.; Wang, C.; Long, R.;* Xu, H.;* Xiong, Y.* Chin. Chem. Lett. 2020, 31, 231-234.



124. Metal-Organic Framework Coating Enhances the Performance of Cu2O in Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction
Deng, X.; Li, R.; Wu, S.; Wang, L.; Hu, J.; Ma, J.; Jiang, W.; Zhang, N.; Zheng, X.; Gao, C.;* Wang, L.; Zhang, Q.;* Zhu, J.; Xiong, Y.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 10924-10929.

123. Surface Plasmon Enabling Nitrogen Fixation in Pure Water through a Dissociative Mechanism under Mild Conditions
Hu, C.; Chen, X.; Jin, J.; Han, Y.; Chen, S.; Ju, H.; Cai, J.; Qiu, Y.; Gao, C.; Wang, C.; Qi, Z.; Long, R.;* Song, L.; Liu, Z.; Xiong, Y.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 7807-7814.

122. Selective Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Glycerol to High Value-Added Dihydroxyacetone
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121. Precisely Tuning the Number of Fe Atoms in Clusters on N-Doped Carbon towards Acidic Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Ye, W.; Chen, S.; Lin, Y.; Yang, L.; Chen, S.; Zheng, X.; Qi, Z.; Wang, C.; Long, R.; Chen, M.;* Zhu, J.; Gao, P.;* Song, L.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Chem 2019, 5, 2865-2878.

120. Regulating C-C Coupling in Thermocatalytic and Electrocatalytic COx Conversion Based on Surface Science (invited Perspective article)
Jiang, Y.; Long, R.; Xiong, Y.* Chem. Sci. 2019, 10, 7310-7326.

119. Two-Dimensional Layered Double Hydroxides for Oxygen Evolution Reaction: From Fundamental Design to Application (Review article)
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118. Development of a Cloud-Based Epidermal MoSe2 Device for Hazardous Gas Sensing
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117. Designing Highly Efficient and Long-Term Durable Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution by Coupling B and P into Amorphous Porous NiFe-Based Material
Hu, F.; Wang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, X.; Zhang, G.; Pan, Y.; Miller, J. T.; Wang, K.; Zhu, S.; Yang, X.; Wang, C.; Wu, X.;* Xiong, Y.;* Peng, Z.* Small 2019, 15, 1901020.

116. Tandem Nanocatalyst Design: Putting Two Step-Reaction Sites into One Location towards Enhanced Hydrogen Transfer Reactions
You, Y.; Huang, H.; Mao, K.; Xia, S.; Wu, D.; Hu, C.; Gao, C.; Liu, P.; Long, R.;* Wu, X.; Xiong, Y.* Sci. China Mater. 2019, 62, 1297-1305.

115. Time-Dependent Surface Evolution of Pd Nanocrystals and Its Role in Controlling Catalytic Performance
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114. Recent Progress on Electrocatalyst and Photocatalyst Design for Nitrogen Reduction (invited Review article)
Li, M.; Huang, H.; Low, J.; Gao, C.; Long, R.;* Xiong, Y.* Small Method 2019, 3, 1800388.

113. Design of Atomically Dispersed Catalytic Sites for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction (invited Minireview article)
Xia, T.; Long, R.; Gao, C.;* Xiong, Y.* Nanoscale 2019, 11, 11064-11070.

112. Metal-Organic Frameworks for Artificial Photosynthesis via Photoelectrochemical Route (invited Review article)
Deng, X.; Long, R.; Gao, C.;* Xiong, Y.* Curr. Opin. Electrochem. 2019, 17, 114-120.

111. Crystal Phase Engineering on Photocatalytic Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications (invited Review article for 2019 Young Innovator Award in NanoEnergy)
Bai, S.;* Gao, C.; Lou, J.; Xiong, Y.* Nano Res. 2019, 12, 2031-2054.

110. Defect Engineering: A Versatile Tool for Tuning the Activation of Key Molecules in Photocatalytic Reactions (invited Review article)
Zhang, N.; Gao, C.; Xiong, Y.* J. Energy Chem. 2019, 37, 43-57.

109. 2020 Roadmap on Pore Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications (invited Perspective article)
Wei, Z.; Ding, B.; Dou, H.;* Gascon, J.;* Kong, X.;* Xiong, Y.;* Cai, B.;* Zhang, R.; Zhou, Y.;* Long, M.;* Miao, J.; Dou, Y.;* Yuan, D.;* Ma, J.* Chin. Chem. Lett. 2019, 30, 2110-2122.

108. Photocatalyst Design Based on Two-dimensional Materials (invited Review article)
Li, Y.; Gao, C.; Long, R.;* Xiong, Y.* Mater. Today Chem. 2019, 11, 197-216.

107. Porous Amorphous NiFeOx/NiFeP Framework with Dual Electrocatalytic Functions for Water Electrolysis
Hu, F.;* Zhang, Y.; Shen, X.; Tao, J.; Yang, X.; Xiong, Y.;* Peng, Z.* J. Power Sources 2019, 428, 76-81.

106. CeO2-Induced Interfacial Co2+ Octahedral Sites and Oxygen Vacancies for Water Oxidation
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105. Dynamic Redox Evolution of Atomically Dispersed Cu Species for CO2 Photoreduction to Solar Fuels
Yuan, L.; Huang, S. F.; Tang, Z. R.; Chen, H. M.; Xiong, Y.; Xu, Y. J.* ACS Catal. 2019, 9, 4824-4833.



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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
2018, 57, 16939.

104. Turning Au Nanoclusters Catalytically Active for Visible-Light-Driven CO2 Reduction through Bridging Ligands
Cui, X.; Wang, J.; Liu, B.; Ling, S.; Long, R.; Xiong, Y.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 16514-16520.

103. Refining Defect States in W18O49 by Mo Doping: A Strategy for Tuning N2 Activation towards Solar-Driven Nitrogen Fixation
Zhang, N.; Jalil, A.; Wu, D.; Chen, S.; Liu, Y.; Gao, C.;* Ye, W.; Qi, Z.; Ju, H.; Wang, C.; Wu, X.;* Song, L.; Zhu, J.; Xiong, Y.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 9434–9443.

102. Enabling Visible-Light-Driven Selective CO2 Reduction by Doping Quantum Dots: Trapping Electrons and Suppressing H2 Evolution
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100. 2D Polymers as Emerging Materials for Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting (invited Progress Report)
Wang, L.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, L.; Xu, H.;* Xiong, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2018, 30, 1801955.

-> Featured on the Frontispiece of Advanced Materials.

99. Heterogeneous Single-Atom Catalyst for Visible-Light-Driven High-Turnover CO2 Reduction: The Role of Electron Transfer
Gao, C.; Chen, S.; Wang, Y.; Wang, J.; Zheng, X.; Zhu, J.; Song, L.;* Zhang, W.; Xiong, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2018, 30, 1704624.

98. Van der Waals Heterostructures Stacked by Ultrathin Polymer Nanosheets for Efficient Z-Scheme Overall Water Splitting
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97. Defect Engineering in Photocatalytic Materials (Review article)
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96. Scalable Fabrication of Highly Active and Durable Membrane Electrodes toward Water Oxidation
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95. Enhanced Oxygen Reduction on Atomically Thin Pt-Based Nanoshells by Integrating Surface Facet, Interfacial Electronic and Substrate Stabilization Effects
Ye, W.; Sun, Z.; Wang, C.;* Ye, M.; Ren, C.; Long, R.; Zheng, X.; Zhu, J.; Wu, X.;* Xiong, Y.* Nano Res. 2018, 11, 3313-3326.

94. pH-Sensitive Zwitterionic Coating of Gold Nanocages Improves Tumor Targeting and Photothermal Treatment Efficacy
Piao, J. G.; Gao, F.; Li, Y.; Yu, L.; Liu, D.; Tan, Z. B.; Xiong, Y.;* Yang, L.;* You, Y. Z.* Nano Res. 2018, 11, 3193-3204.

93. Recent Progress on Advanced Design for Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Fuels (invited Review article)
Zhang, N.; Long, R.; Gao, C.;* Xiong, Y.* Sci. China Mater. 2018, 61, 771-805.

92. Surface Modification on Pd-TiO2 Hybrid Nanostructures toward Highly Efficient H2 Production from Catalytic Formic Acid Decomposition
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91. Design of Pd{111}-TiO2 Interface for Enhanced Catalytic Efficiency towards Formic Acid Decomposition
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90. Surface and Interface Design for Photocatalytic Water Splitting (invited Frontier article)
Hu, Y.; Gao, C.;* Xiong, Y.* Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 12035-12040.

89. Surface Modification on Pd Nanostructures for Selective Styrene Oxidation with Molecular Oxygen
Hu, C.; Xia, X.; Jin, J.; Ju, H.; Wu, D.; Qi, Z.; Hu, S.; Long, R.;* Zhu, J.; Song, L.; Xiong, Y.* ChemNanoMat 2018, 4, 467-471.

-> Selected as a VIP Paper of ChemNanoMat.

-> Highlighted by ChemistryViews.

88. Controlling Au-Pd Surface on Au Nanocubes for Selective Catalytic Alkyne Semihydrogenation
Li, Y.; Liu, Q.; Jin, J.; Ye, W.; Hu, C. ; Hu, S.; Qi, Z.; Long, R.;* Song, L.; Zhu, J.; Xiong, Y.* Part. Part. Syst. Charact. 2018, 35, 1700377.

87. Steering Plasmonic Hot Electrons towards Enhanced Full-Spectrum Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Li, Y.; Guo, Y.; Long, R.; Liu, D.; Zhao, D.; Tan, Y.; Gao, C.*; Shen, S.;* Xiong, Y.* Chin. J. Catal. 2018, 39, 453-462.

86. Ag-Cu Nanoparticles Supported on N-Doped TiO2 Nanowire Arrays for Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Wang, X.; Ma, J.; Hu, Y..; Long, R.;* Xiong, Y.* Chin. J. Chem. Phys. 2018, 31, 695-700.



85. Isolation of Cu Atoms in Pd Lattice: Forming Highly Selective Sites for Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to CH4
Long, R.; Li, Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, S.; Zheng, X.; Gao, C.; He, C.; Chen, N.; Qi, Z.; Song, L.; Jiang, J.; Zhu, J.; Xiong, Y.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 4486-4492.

-> Highlighted by Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica.

84. Noble-Metal-Free Janus-like Structures by Cation Exchange for Z-Scheme Photocatalytic Water Splitting under Broadband Light Irradiation
Yuan, Q.; Liu, D.; Zhang, N.; Ye, W.; Ju, H.; Shi, L.; Long, R.; Zhu, J.; Xiong, Y.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 4206-4210.

83. Coordination Chemistry in the Design of Heterogeneous Photocatalysts (Review article)
Gao, C.; Wang, J.; Xu, H.; Xiong, Y.* Chem. Soc. Rev. 2017, 46, 2799-2823.

-> Featured on the inside back cover of Chemical Society Reviews.

82. Amorphous Metallic NiFeP: A Conductive Bulk Material Achieving High Activity for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in both Alkaline and Acidic Media
Hu, F.;* Zhu, S.; Chen, S.; Li, Y.; Ma, L.; Wu, T.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.; Liu, C.; Yang, X.; Song, L.; Yang, X. W.;* Xiong, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2017, 29, 1606570.

81. Silicon Nanostructures for Solar-Driven Catalytic Applications (invited Review article)
Liu, D.; Ma, J.; Long, R.; Gao, C.;* Xiong, Y.* Nano Today 2017, 17, 96-116.

80. Pt4PdCu0.4 Alloy Nanoframes as Highly Efficient and Robust Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Formic Acid Oxidation
Ye, W.; Chen, S.; Ye, M.; Ren, C.; Ma, J.; Long, R.; Wang, C.; Yang, J.; Song, L.; Xiong, Y.* Nano Energy 2017, 39, 532-538.

79. Near-surface Dilution of Trace Pd Atoms to Facilitate Pd-H Bond Cleavage for Giant Enhancement of Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Li, Y.; Chen, S.; Long, R.;* Ju, H.; Wang, Z.; Yu, X.; Gao, F.; Cai, Z.; Wang, C.; Xu, Q.; Jiang, J.; Zhu, J.; Song, L.;* Xiong, Y.* Nano Energy 2017, 34, 306-312.

78. Defective Tungsten Oxide Hydrate Nanosheets for Boosting Aerobic Coupling of Amines: Synergistic Catalysis by Oxygen Vacancies and Brønsted Acid Sites
Zhang, N.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Long, R.; Li, M.; Chen, S.; Qi, Z.; Wang, C.; Song, L.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Small 2017, 13, 1701354.

77. PdPt Alloy Nanocatalysts Supported on TiO2: Maneuvering Metal-Hydrogen Interactions for Light-Driven and Water-Donating Selective Alkyne Semihydrogenation
Li, M.; Zhang, N.; Long, R.;* Ye, W.; Wang, C.; Xiong, Y.* Small 2017, 13, 1604173.

76. Engineering the Surface Charge States of Nanostructures for Enhanced Catalytic Performance (invited Review article)
Bai, Y.; Huang, H.; Wang, C.; Long, R.;* Xiong, Y.* Mater. Chem. Front. 2017, 1, 1951-1964 .

75. N-Doped Carbon-Stabilized PtCo Nanoparticles Derived from Pt@ZIF-67: Highly Active and Durable Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Du, N.; Wang, C.;* Long, R.; Xiong, Y.* Nano Res. 2017, 10, 3228-3237.

74. Hydriding Pd Cocatalysts: An Approach to Giant Enhancement on Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction into CH4
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73. Facet-Engineered Surface and Interface Design of Photocatalytic Materials (invited Review article)
Bai, S.;* Wang, L.; Li, Z.; Xiong, Y.* Adv. Sci. 2017, 4, 1600216.

72. Highly Crystalline Mesoporous Silicon Spheres for Efficient Visible Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Song, H.; Liu, D.; Yang, J.; Wang, L.; Xu, H.*; Xiong, Y.* ChemNanoMat 2017, 3, 22-26.

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-> Featured on the front cover of ChemNanoMat.

71. Plasmonic Nanostructures in Solar Energy Conversion (invited Review article)
Ye, W.; Long, R.;* Huang, H.; Xiong, Y.* J. Mater. Chem. C 2017, 5, 1008-1021.

70. Conjugated Microporous Polymer Nanosheets for Overall Water Splitting Using Visible Light
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69. Novel Iron/Cobalt-Containing Polypyrrole Hydrogel-Derived Trifunctional Electrocatalyst for Self-Powered Overall Water Splitting
Yang, J.; Wang, X.; Li, B.; Ma, L.; Shi, L.; Xiong, Y.; Xu, H.* Adv. Func. Mater. 2017, 27, 1606497.

68. Photocatalytic Oxygen Evolution from Low-Bandgap Conjugated Microporous Polymer Nanosheets: A Combined First-Principles Calculation and Experimental Study
Wang, L.; Wan, Y.; Ding, Y.; Niu, Y.; Xiong, Y.; Wu, X.*; Xu, H.* Nanoscale 2017, 9, 4090-4096.



67. Oxide Defect Engineering Enables to Couple Solar Energy into Oxygen Activation
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65. Flexible Near-Infrared Photovoltaic Devices Based on Plasmonic Hot Electron Injection into Silicon Nanowire Arrays
Liu, D.; Yang, D.; Gao, Y.; Ma, J.; Long, R.; Wang, C.; Xiong, Y.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 4577-4581.

-> Selected as a VIP Paper of Angewandte Chemie.

-> Highlighted by Science China Materials.

64. Implementing Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer in Organic Semiconductor for Improved Visible-Near-Infrared Photocatalysis
Li, Y.; Wang, Z.; Xia, T.; Ju, H.; Zhang, K.; Long, R.; Xu, Q.; Wang, C.; Song, L.; Zhu, J.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2016, 28, 6959-6965.

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Du, N.; Wang, C.; Wang, X.; Lin, Y.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2016, 28, 2077-2084.

-> Highlighted by MaterialsViews China.

62. Enhanced Full-Spectrum Water Splitting by Confining Plasmonic Au Nanoparticles in N-doped TiO2 Bowl Nanoarrays
Wang, X.; Long, R.; Liu, D.; Yang, D.; Wang, C.; Xiong, Y.* Nano Energy 2016, 24, 87-93.

61. Integration of Multiple Plasmonic and Co-catalyst Nanostructures on TiO2 Nanosheets for Visible-near-infrared Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Jiang, W.; Bai, S.;* Wang, L.; Wang, X.; Yang, L.; Li, Y.; Liu, D.; Wang, X.; Li, Z.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Small 2016, 12, 1640-1648.

-> Selected as a 2/2016 Most-Accessed Article of Small.

60. Cooperative Nanoparticle System for Photothermal Tumor Treatment without Skin Damage
Piao, J.; Liu, D.; Hu, K.; Wang, L.; Gao, F.; Xiong, Y.;* Yang, L.* ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 2016, 8, 2847-2856.

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58. Pd-Ag Alloy Hollow Nanostructures with Interatomic Charge Polarization for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Formic Acid Oxidation
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53. Cu/TiO2 Octahedral-Shell Photocatalysts Derived from Metal-Organic Framework @ Semiconductor Hybrid Structures
Li, R.; Wu, S.; Wan, X.; Xu, H.;* Xiong, Y.* Inorg. Chem. Front. 2016, 3, 104-110.

52. Long-term Production of H2 over Pt/CdS Nanoplates under Sunlight Illumination
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51. Boosting Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production of a Metal-Organic Framework Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles: The Pt Location Matters
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50. A Metal-Amino Acid Complex-Derived Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable Zinc–Air Batteries
Ding, Y.; Niu, Y.; Yang, J.; Ma, L.; Liu, J.; Xiong, Y.; Xu, H.* Small 2016, 12, 5414-5421.



49. Boosting Photocatalytic Water Splitting: Interfacial Charge Polarization in Atomically Controlled Core-shell Co-catalyst
Bai, S.; Yang, L.; Wang, C.; Lin, Y.; Lu, J.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 14810-14814.

-> Selected as a VIP Paper of Angewandte Chemie.

48. Platinum Multicubes Prepared by Ni2+-Mediated Shape Evolution Exhibit High Electrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction
Ma, L.; Wang, C.; Xia, B. Y.; Mao, K.; He, J.; Wu, X.; Xiong, Y.;* Lou, X. W.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 5666-5671.

47. The Nature of Photocatalytic “Water Splitting” on Silicon Nanowires
Liu, D.; Li, L.; Gao, Y.; Wang, C.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, Y.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 2980-2985.

-> Selected as a Hot Paper of Angewandte Chemie.

46. Efficiently Coupling Solar Energy into Catalytic Hydrogenation by Well-Designed Pd Nanostructures
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42. Toward Enhanced Photocatalytic Oxygen Evolution: Synergetic Utilization of Plasmonic Effect and Schottky Junction via Interfacing Facet Selection
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Bai, S.; Jiang, J.; Zhang, Q.; Xiong, Y.* Chem. Soc. Rev. 2015, 44, 2893-2939.

-> Featured on the back cover of Chemical Society Reviews.

40. Some Recent Developments in Surface and Interface Design for Photocatalytic and Electrocatalytic Hybrid Structures (invited Feature article)
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39. Surface and Interface Engineering in Photocatalysis (invited Review article)
Bai, S.; Jiang, W.; Li, Z.; Xiong, Y.* ChemNanoMat 2015, 1, 223-239.

-> Selected as a "Top 10 most-accessed articles" (August–October 2015) of ChemNanoMat.

38. Coupling Solar Energy into Reactions: Materials Design for Surface Plasmon-Mediated Catalysis (invited Review article)
Long, R.; Li, Y.; Song, L.; Xiong, Y.* Small 2015, 11, 3873-3889.

37. Towards Full-spectrum Photocatalysis: Achieving Z Scheme between Ag2S and TiO2 by Engineering Energy Band Alignment with Interfacial Ag
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36. Etching Approach to Hybrid Structures between PtPd Nanocages and Graphene towards Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction
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35. Enhancing the Catalytic Efficiency of the Heck Coupling Reaction by Forming 5 nm Pd Octahedrons Using Kinetic Control
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34. Chemically Exfoliated Metallic MoS2 Nanosheets: A Promising Supporting Co-catalyst for Enhancing Photocatalytic Performance of TiO2 Nanocrystals
Bai, S.; Wang, L.; Chen, X.; Du, J.; Xiong, Y.* Nano Res. 2015, 8, 175-183.

-> Selected as an ESI Highly Cited Paper.

33. Pd-Ag Alloy Nanocages: Integration of Ag Plasmonic Properties with Pd Active Sites for Light-Driven Catalytic Hydrogenation
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