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This is the first for a series of Web Link pages, monographic for Math Chess related subjects (other pages in project :: Queen related problems, Retrograde Analysis Chess Problems, ...). The goal is collect whole the related links (offLine or broken, too!) and references available in the Web. The author of this list is Mario Velucchi. Please, send new addresses and corrections to about Knight's Tour links

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"The Knight's Tour" by Dan Thomasson.

"Knight's Tour Notes 1 & 2" by George P. Jelliss.

"Chess Tours".

"A Knight's Tour" by Edward D. Collins.

Knight Tours.

THE KNIGHT’S TOUR by Mark R. Keen.

Knight's Tour - Warnsdorff's rule.

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Enchanted Mind - Knight's Tour (onLine)

Knight's Tour Applet (onLine)

The classic Knight's Tour Problem (onLine)

Knight's Tour (onLine)

Knight's Tour (onLine)

Knight's Tour (onLine)

Worle Famous Chess Puzzles -- Knight's Tour 8x8/3x4/5x5 -- Eight Queens (onLine)

The Knight's Tour (freeware program).

Knight's Tour (freeware program).'s_tour.htm

The Knight's Tour (onLine)

Knight's tour maze (onLine)

Graphic Knight's Tour Puzzle for Windows (freeware program)

The Knight's Tour (onLine)

Knight's Tour (onLine)

Beschreibung (onLine)

JGS Softwareseiten -- Backtrak - Springer (freeware programs)

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the Games and Puzzles Journal by George P. Jelliss.

books at State Library of Victoria.

books at Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National library of the Netherlands - KB.

books at BCPS library.

books at Cleveland Public library.

books Special Collections, MacKimmie Library - Strens/Guy Recreational Mathematics Collection.

"A Knight's Journey" by Toni Beardon.

Magic Knight's Tour: Unsolved Problem 7.

Knights On A 5x5 Chessboard


Puzzle Help - PuzzlePLAYGROUND at Puzzles.COM -- 056 Knight's Tour Puzzles - Chess 'n' Checkers.

Games Puzzles.

George Koltanowski 17th September 1903 - 5th February 2000.

Knight Tour Chess Puzzled screensaver.

UTET - Enciclopedia dei Giochi - Salto del cavallo.

Index to Martin Gardner's Books.

Knight's-Tour Letter Squares.

Board and Counter Games - White Knight, ...

in "The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars:
An Exhibition of Surprising Structures Across Dimensions" by Clifford A. Pickover

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Time by time, you can find some links offLine, or broken. You can download follow .zip file "". Uncompress and browser the links. You will find the first pages of all the links for a fast preview. Note: Some of the here linked sites are just one page or alone file!


? (broken)

? (broken)

"8 x 8 Semi-magic Squares by a Knight's movement tour" -- "8 x 8 Panmagic square can not be generated by the Knight's movement tour" by Mutsumi Suzuki. (broken -

Wirth's description of the knight's tour program. (broken -*/

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Knight's Tour (TK94KV1).

Neural Network Demonstration - Knight's Tour Problems.

"The Problem of the Knight: A Fast and Simple Algorithm" by Arnd Roth.

"The Knight's Tour" by F.C. Kuechmann.'sTour

The Distribution of the Knight.

"SOLUTION for knights tour problem" by Mike R.

Exeter Chess Club: Knight's Tour P.S.

Programs to Read -- "Dudeney's columns in The Weekly Dispatch, April 1896-April 1904" -- "Dudeney's columns in The Strand Magazine, May 1910-June 1930" -- "An index to Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of Puzzles (1914)" -- "An index to Hoffmann's Puzzles Old and New (1893)" by Donald Knuth.

"On the number of Knight's tours" by Ernesto Mordecki.

at ResearchIndex by NEC.

at "20,000 Problems Under the Sea - Mathematical Treasure on the Web".

at "Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik (JFM) - Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics (ERAM)".


Magic Squares - The Knight's Tour.

The 13x13 Regular Pan-Magic Squares.

Knight's Tour Magic Square.

at The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. (Enter a Word: Knight)

"Knight's Tour" -- "Knight's Tour Graph" -- "Magic Tour" at World of Mathematics by E. Weisstein.

"Minimal number of move for a Knight to go on every square of the board" by Edward D. Collins.

Information on the n Knight's Tour Problem.

Magic Knights Tour - A Case Study for Distributed Problem Solving.

What the chess knight is doing...

Das Springerproblem in Java unter JPVM.

Knight's Tour.

Das Springerproblem - Knight's Tour.

Schachbrettaufgaben -- 4.2 Knight's Tour.

Jugend Forscht : Das Springerproblems.

Martin Loebbing and Ingo Wegener, The Number of Knight's Tours Equals 33,439,123,484,294 --- Counting with Binary Decision Diagrams in the EJC,Vol. 3,(no 1).

Comments on: Martin Loebbing and Ingo Wegener, The Number of Knight's Tours Equals 33,439,123,484,294 --- Counting with Binary Decision Diagrams.

B. D. McKay, Knight's tours of an 8x8 chessboard, Tech. Rpt. TR-CS-97-03, Dept. Computer Science, Austral. Nat. Univ. (1997).

I. Parberry, "An Efficient Algorithm for the Knight's Tour Problem", Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 73, pp. 251-260, 1997.

I. Parberry, "Scalability of a Neural Network for the Knight's Tour Problem", Neurocomputing, Vol. 12, pp. 19-34, 1996.

Exeter Chess Club: Knight's Tour P.S.

Knight's Tour Magic Square.

The "KNIGHT'S MOVE" 8x8 Magic Square.

Knight's Tour -- Magic Tour.'s%20Tour.htm

The Prime Queen Attacking Problem.

The Chess Oracle - Articles - 16 July 2001 - The Knight's Tour.

Welcome to My Lab... Knight's Tours.

;; *** The Knight's Tour *** (Lisp).

Knight tours on an 8x8 chessboard.

Knight Tours on a 6x6 Chess Board.

Knight's Tour problem.

Knight's Tour.

The Distribution of the Knight.

knight's tour.

What is the knight?s tour problem? (Slide 13 of 75).

CSCI 220 Fall 2001, Project 1: The Knight's Tour.

Homeworks, Quizzes and their solution.

Knight's Tour - CS 341 Home Page.

A Simple Example of Object-Oriented Design.

The Knight.

CPSC 352 - Artificial Intelligence - Fall 2001 -- Homework - Due: Fri, Nov. 2, 2001 -- PROLOG: Simplified Knight's Tour.

Knight's Tour Problem slides.

Stefan Röhrich's -- Studium-Seite - Springerproblem

Vorlesung Praktische Informatik I '96 -- Übung 8/10 -Lösung 8/10

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