Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Geometry Conference 2019

Time: December 15-21, 2019 (Register on Dec. 15 and leave on Dec. 21)

Site:  Room 2503 (The Second Teaching Building, East Campus of USTC , Huangshan Road),
          Jinzhai Road 96, Hefei 230026, P.R.China

Sponsors: School of Mathematical Science, USTC;
                Key Laboratory of Wu Wen-Tsun Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Invited Speakers(confirmed):

Cai, Jinxing (Peking University)
Chen, Ke (Nanjing University)
Chen, Qile (Boston College)
Fu, Baohua (Morningside Center of Mathematics Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Hai, Phùng Hô (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)
Hui, Chunyin (Tsinghua University)
Kerr, Matt (Washington University St. Louis)
Li, Weiping (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Li, Zhiyuan (Fudan University)
Litt, Daniel (University of Georgia)
Liu, Qing (Université de Bordeaux)
Liu, Ruochuan (Peking University)
Lv, Xin (East China Normal University)
Minamide, Arata (Kyoto University)
Mok Ngaiming (University of Hong Kong)
Ogus, Arthur (University of California Berkeley)
Shiho, Atsushi (University of Tokyo)
Simpson, Carlos Tschudi (Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis)
Sun, Xiaotao (Tianjin University)
Tanaka, Hiromu (University of Tokyo)
Tian, Zhiyu (Peking University)
Zhang, Tong (East China Normal University)
Zong Runhong (Nanjing University)


Sheng, Mao (USTC)
Xu, Jinxing (USTC)
Zhang, Lei (USTC)
Zuo, Kang (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Contact: Zhang, Lei (, 0551-63600201)    


If you want to paticipate in this conference, please contact us in November to book the hotel. The conference can support those paticipants without funding.