Welcome to Dong Group

This is the Single-Molecule Optoelectronics Group (SMOG) at Hefei National Research Center for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Our research focuses on the optoelectronic behavior of single molecules in a nanoscopic environment, such as single-molecule electroluminescence and photoluminescence, single-molecule Raman scattering, and nanoscale energy transfer. The goal is to understand the microscopic mechanism of single molecular optoelectronic effects, single-molecule physics and chemistry, single-molecule nanoplasmonics, and nanoscale optoelectronic integration.


2023.02.18: Ben Yang and Gong Chen publish in Angewandte Chemie International Edition!  (Title: Chemical Enhancement and Quenching in Single-Molecule Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) X-MOL News

2023.02.06: A joint review article is published in Chem. Rev.!  (Title: Toward a New Era of SERS and TERS at the Nanometer Scale: From Fundamentals to Innovative Applications)

2022.12.01: Xiao-Ru Dong and Ben Yang publish in Light: Advanced Manufacturing!  (Title: Tip-induced bond weakening, tilting, and hopping of a single CO molecule on Cu(100)) LAM News
News & Views in Light: Science & Applications

2022.11.15: Xian-Biao Zhang publish in Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics!  (Title: Fast fabrication and judgement of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy-active tips)

2022.07.18: Rui-Pu Wang and Chun-Rui Hu publish in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C!  (Title: Sub-Nanometer Resolved Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of a Single Molecule on the Si (111) Substrate)

2022.09.05: 祝贺杨犇博士的博士学位论文《埃级分辨的单分子拉曼和光致发光成像研究》被评为2022年度中国科学院优秀博士学位论文!

2022.09.01: 欢迎李刚、刘轩辰、沈予曦、胡莉莉、卢易儒、常顺强、王凯同学加入单分子光电子学研究组,开启研究生学习之旅!

2022.06.06: Fan-Fang Kong, Xiao-Jun Tian publish in Nature Nanotechnology! (Title: Wavelike electronic energy transfer in donor–acceptor molecular systems through quantum coherence) News & Views

2021.10.15: 祝贺杨犇、孔繁芳、经士浩获得VASSCAA-10暨中国真空学会2021学术年会会议最佳poster奖!

2021.09.01: 欢迎朱路遥、冒文杰、崔杰、张月箐、韩瑞麟同学加入单分子光电子学研究组,开启研究生学习之旅!

2021.06.23: 祝贺杨犇博士的博士学位论文《埃级分辨的单分子拉曼和光致发光成像研究》入选2021年度中国科学技术大学优秀博士学位论文!

2021.04.25: 祝贺“亚纳米分辨的单分子光致发光成像”入选“2020年度中国光学十大进展-基础研究类”!

2021.04.16: 祝贺杨犇博士获得2020年度第二批次“墨子杰出青年特资津贴”一等资助!

2021.02.24: Fan-Fang Kong and Xiao-Jun Tian publish in Nature Communications! (Title: Probing intramolecular vibronic coupling through vibronic-state imaging)

2021.02.16: Rui-Pu Wang, Ben Yang and Qiang Fu publish in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters! (Title: Raman Detection of Bond Breaking and Making of a Chemisorbed Up-Standing Single Molecule at Single-Bond Level)

2020.08.10: Ben Yang and Gong Chen publish in Nature Photonics! (Title: Sub-nanometre resolution in single-molecule photoluminescence imaging)

2019.06.12: Yang Luo and Gong Chen publish in Physical Review Letters!

2019.04.08: Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, from Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany, visited our Lab!

2019.04.02: Gong Chen and Yang Luo publish in Physical Review Letters!