Zhiwei Xiong (熊志伟)

Professor, PhD Advisor

Dept. Electronic Engineering & Information Science (EEIS), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Email: zwxiong AT ustc.edu.cn
Phone: (86) 551-63603627
Address: Dept. EEIS, P.O.Box 4, Hefei 230027, Anhui, China
Office: Room 1103, West Tower of Twin Buildings, West Campus of USTC


Zhiwei Xiong received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering from USTC in 2006 and 2011, respectively. After working at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) as a Researcher for five years, he returned USTC as a Professor in 2016. His research interests include computational photography, 3D vision, and biomedical image analysis. His publications receive 3700+ citations according to Google Scholar, with an H-index of 33. He was awarded MSRA Fellowship 2009 and IEEE VCIP Best Paper 2016.

Our VIDAR (Visual Information Discovery And Recovery) lab is a vibrant team aiming at world-class research in computer vision and image processing. Undergraduate talents who have passion in related fields are welcome to join us. Kindly note that we have a high standard for graduate students, and be prepared for challenging interviews during application.

Latest Publications (*corresponding author)

Brain Image Analysis

  • Wei Huang, Xiaoyu Liu, Zhen Cheng, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Domain adaptive mitochondria segmentation via enforcing inter-section consistency", MICCAI, 2022, Accepted.
  • Qi Chen, Mingxing Li, Jiacheng Li, Bo Hu, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Mask rearranging data augmentation for 3D mitochondria segmentation", MICCAI, 2022, Accepted.
  • Xiaoyu Liu, Bo Hu, Wei Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong, "Efficient biomedical instance segmentation via knowledge distillation", MICCAI, 2022, Accepted.
  • Xiaoyu Liu, Wei Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Biological instance segmentation with a superpixel-guided graph", IJCAI, 2022, Accepted.
  • Mingxing Li, Chang Chen, Xiaoyu Liu, Wei Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Advanced deep networks for 3D mitochondria instance segmentation", ISBI, 2022. (Winner of ISBI 2021 Challenge on Large-scale 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation)
  • Wei Huang, Shiyu Deng, Chang Chen, Xueyang Fu, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Learning to model pixel-embedded affinity for homogeneous instance segmentation", AAAI, 2022.
  • Wei Huang, Chang Chen, Zhiwei Xiong*, Yueyi Zhang, Xuejin Chen, Xiaoyan Sun, Feng Wu, "Semi-supervised neuron segmentation via reinforced consistency learning", IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Early Access.
  • Bo Hu, Shenglong Zhou, Zhiwei Xiong*, Feng Wu, "Recursive decomposition network for deformable image registration", IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Early Access.
  • Event & 3D Vision

  • Wenming Weng, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong, "Boosting event stream super-Resolution with a recurrent neural network", ECCV, 2022, Accepted.
  • Xihao Chen, Zhiwei Xiong*, Zhen Cheng, Jiayong Peng, Yueyi Zhang, Zheng-Jun Zha, "Degradation-agnostic correspondence from resolution-asymmetric stereo", CVPR, 2022.
  • Guanting Dong, Yueyi Zhang, Hanlin Li, Xiaoyan Sun, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Exploiting rigidity constraints for LiDAR scene flow estimation", CVPR, 2022.
  • Xueyan Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong, "High-speed structured light based 3D scanning using an event camera", Optics Express 29(22): 35864-35876, 2021.
  • Wenming Weng, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong, "Event-based video reconstruction using transformer", ICCV, 2021.
  • Guanting Dong, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong, "Spatial hierarchy aware residual pyramid network for time-of-flight depth denoising", ECCV, 2020. [GitHub Project]
  • Jiayong Peng, Zhiwei Xiong*, Xin Huang, Zheng-Ping Li, Dong Liu, Feihu Xu, "Photon-efficient 3D imaging with a non-local neural network", ECCV, 2020. (Spotlight) [GitHub Project]
  • Jiayong Peng, Zhiwei Xiong*, Yicheng Wang, Yueyi Zhang, Dong Liu, "Zero-shot depth estimation from light field using a convolutional neural network", IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging 6: 682-696, 2020. [GitHub Project]
  • Computational Photography

  • Jiacheng Li, Chang Chen, Zhen Cheng, Zhiwei Xiong*, "MuLUT: cooperating multiple look-up tables for efficient image super-resolution", ECCV, 2022, Accepted.
  • Jiacheng Li, Chang Chen, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Contextual outpainting with object-level contrastive learning", CVPR, 2022.
  • Zhen Cheng, Zhiwei Xiong*, Chang Chen, Dong Liu, Zheng-Jun Zha, "Light field super-resolution with zero-shot learning", CVPR, 2021. (Oral) [GitHub Project]
  • Zeyu Xiao, Xueyang Fu, Jie Huang, Zhen Cheng, Zhiwei Xiong*, "Space-time distillation for video super-resolution", CVPR, 2021.
  • Ruikang Xu, Zeyu Xiao, Jie Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong*, "EDPN: enhanced deep pyramid network for blurry image restoration", CVPRW, 2021. (Winner of NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring: Track 1 Low Resolution) [GitHub Project]
  • Chang Chen, Zhiwei Xiong*, Xiaoming Liu, Feng Wu, "Camera trace erasing", CVPR, 2020. [GitHub Project]
  • Chang Chen, Zhiwei Xiong*, Xinmei Tian, Zheng-Jun Zha, Feng Wu, "Real-world image denoising with deep boosting", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 42(12): 3071-3087, 2020. [GitHub Project]
  • Zhen Cheng, Zhiwei Xiong*, Dong Liu, "Light field super-resolution by jointly exploiting internal and external similarities", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 30(8): 2604-2616, 2020. [GitHub Project]

  • Challenge Awards

  • 2021 NTIRE@CVPR 图像去模糊挑战赛 低分辨率赛道 冠军
  • 2021 ISBI 大规模线粒体分割挑战赛 冠军
  • 2019 全国人工智能大赛 “AI+4K HDR”赛项 亚军 50万大奖
  • 2019 e-Heritage@ICCV 敦煌图像修复挑战赛 冠军
  • 2019 AIM@ICCV 背景虚化合成挑战赛 保真赛道 冠军
  • 2019 ACM MM 视频内容相关性预测挑战赛 电影赛道 冠军
  • 2018 PIRM@ECCV 光谱图像超分辨率挑战赛 冠军
  • 2018 NTIRE@CVPR RGB重建光谱挑战赛 冠军
  • 2016 ICME 光场图像压缩挑战赛 冠军

  • Teaching

  • 人工智能导论
  • Python与深度学习基础
  • 工程硕士专业英语

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