Bin Li, Ph.D, Professor

Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Sciences

School of Information Science and Technology

University of Science and Technology of China

Office: 220, Electronic Building 4, West Campus, USTC.

Tel: +86-551-3601802



Ph.D.(1998 - 2001)           Department of Electronic Science and Technology, USTC, China.

M.Sc.(1992 – 1995)          Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

B.Sc.(1988 – 1992)           Department of Electrical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China



Computer Networks                           For undergraduate students

Intelligent Optimization Methods       For graduate students


Research Interests:

Nature-inspired Computation(Evolutionary Algorithms, Deep Neural Networks, …)

Data Engineering and Pattern Recognition.

Optimal Design of Electronic Circuits and Systems.


Research Programs for Graduate Students



Research Projects:

1.     "Behavior analysis and quantitative representation of EAs based on deep representation learning", Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2015-2018.

2.     "High Resolution SAR Testing Database and SAR Data Quality Evaluation", Supported by Key Program project of National Natural Science Foundation of China(cooperative project with Shanghai Jiaotong University), 2014-2017.

3.     "Algorithms for nano-scale IC design based on hyper-heuristic", Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011-2013.

4.     “Fundamental theory and principle techniques for intelligent digital home”, Supported by Key Program project of NSFC-Guangdong Joint Fund(cooperative project with Sun Yat-sen University), 2009-2012.

5.     “HW/SW Codesign Methods based-on Quantum Genetic Algorithms”, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2006 – 2008.

6.     “Quantum Genetic Algorithms based-on Quantum Probabilistic Representation”, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2005 - 2007.

7.     “Theory and Applications of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms based-on Population Strategy”, Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province, 2005 - 2007.

8.     “Iris Recognition System”, Supported by Latent Promotion Foundation of Anhui Province, 2004 – 2007.

9.     “Algorithms for Face Detection and Recognition”, Supported by The Science Research Fund of MOE-Microsoft Key Laboratory of Multimedia Computing and Communication, 2005 – 2007.

10.     “The establishment of tongue-image database for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma based on the content retrieval”, The cooperative project of NSFC with the Second Military Medical University, 2006-2008.


Professional Services:

Member of IEEE, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CAS)

Founding Chair of Hefei Chapter, Nanjing Section, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (2010 - )

Member of Education Summer School Sub-Committee, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (2010 -)

Member of Webinar Sub-Committee, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (20011 - )

Senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE)

Member of the Technical Committee of Electronic Circuits and Systems Section of CIE (2010 -)

PC Member of Conferences:

ICONIP 2012, at Doha, Qatar, November 26-29, 2012.

GrC 2012, at Zhejing University, Hangzhou, China, August 11-13, 2012.

WCCI 2012 at International Convention Centre, Brisbane, Australia, Jun 10-15, 2012.

FTRA AIM 2012, Hana Square, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 6-8 February 2012

AAISS-11, to be held with the WCC 2011 at Jeju, Korea, December 12-15, 2011.

AI2011, Perth, Western Australia, 5th – 8th December 2011

IWACI2011, WuHan, China, October 19-21, 2011

MC 2011, Paris, France, April 11-15, 2011

GrC2011, Sapporo, Japan, Aug. 11-13, 2011

VCIP 2010, Huang Shan, China, July 11-14, 2010.

GrC2010, Silicon Valley, California, USA. Aug 14-16, 2010.

ECMS 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 1st - 4th, 2010.

AI2010, Adelaide, South Australia, 7-10 Dec. 2010.

IEEE GrC2009, Lushan Mountain/Nanchang, China, August 17-19, 2009.

ECMS 2009, Madrid, Spain. June 9th - 12th, 2009.

AI-09, Melbourne, Australia, 1- 4 December, 2009.

IEEE GrC2008, HangZhou, China, August 26-28, 2008.

AI-08, Auckland, New Zealand, December 1-5, 2008.

CSE-08, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 2008.

SEAL2008, Melbourne, Australia, December 7-10, 2008.

IEEE GrC2007, San Jose, California, November 2-4, 2007.

SEAL 2006, Hefei, China, October 15-18, 2006.

IEEE-GrC 2006, Atlanta, USA, May 10-12, 2006.

FLCI2005, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, April 16-18, 2005.

Referee for several international journals