Formal Methods Foundation


Class Times & Location

Thursday 2:00-4:20pm; C240


  • Hua, Baojian; bjhua -
  • Chen, Bo; chenbo2008 -
  • Meng, Ning; mengning

Office Hour

At every class. Send us email in advance to appoint, if you would like to meet.

Homework Policy

Homeworks (including the programming assignments and projects) should be attempted individually. If you have any difficulty in solving these problems, you may discuss with your classmates, the instructor or the TAs etc., but final submitted work should be your own.

Late homeworks will NOT be considered, for whatever reason.

Evaluation Policy

There will be a close-book final test. And the score is evaluated according to this strategy:
  • 40% homeworks
  • 20% middle test I
  • 20% middle test II
  • 20% final test