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Mingjie Gao,Yajie Zhang and Yang Huang have been visiting our lab for 2 months supported by the IRPU program

Dr. Xiaojing Liu, who comes from French synchrotron facility SOLEIL, will give a lecture at Room 9004 in Physical and Chemical Building at 14:30 am on Augest 14th. The title is " Young's double slit interference phenomena and their destruction in Auger electron emission in dissociation process of O2 ".

Pro. Xinwen Ma, who comes from Institute of Modern Physics (CAS), will give a lecture at Room 5301 in Physical and Chemical Building at 8:00am on July 11th.

Dr. Xiang Gao, who comes from Beijing computational science research center,will give a talk on R-matrix studies of the dynamical parameters of atom and molecule at Room 906 in Physical and Chemical Building at 3:00pm on June 20th.

Lusheng Wang passed the oral defense of his master's thesis and obtained the master's degree  
Pro. Zhu's application of the beamtime of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation was approved  
Linfan Zhu, Xu Kang and Yawei Liu finished the experiment at SPring-8  
Our study on the valence-shell excitations of neon was published on Phys. Rev. A 85,030501(R)(2012)  
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