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  • PPT (version 2021) for the course of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, available upon request via lshao@ustc.edu.cn.
    Here are a couple of programs developed by me or my students. All the programs are free for non-commercial uses as long as they are intact.
    Most programs are developed with Matlab, which means you need Matlab installed to run them.

  • Software #17 (cadb, version 2022.r1; DB version 2021.r1) (Screenshot 01, Screenshot 02, Screenshot 03, Screenshot 04)
    This Matlab program is a chemical analysis database. It provides various types of constants for chemical analysis, such as dissociation constants of weak acids, formation constants of chelates, standard potentials, solubility product constants, etc. Both the programs and the databases can be updated from the software.
    Watch the video demo with your phone

  • Software #16 (stac, version 2022.r1) (Screenshot 01, Screenshot 02, Screenshot 03)
    This Matlab program is a statistical toolbox for analytical chemistry. It performs calculations regarding CDF (cumulative distribution function) and ICDF (inverse cumulative distribution function) of normal, Chi2, t, and F distributions; plots curves of CDF and PDF (probability density function) of these distributions. It also calculates P-values and critical values (according to the user-input significance level) for tests of statistical significance.
    Watch the video demo with your phone

  • Software #15 (1.0 beta 2) The QR Code
    An Android version of 'stac' developed by Hao Cui (link to GitHub) who was a graduate student of USTC.

  • Software #14 (iroots2, version 2023.r1) (Screenshot01, Screenshot02, Screenshot03)
    This Matlab program is a univariate equation solver. It requires a little programing knowledge of Matlab.
    Download the zip file for Mac
    Watch video demos ( #1 , #2 ) with your phone

  • Software #13 (iroots, version 2021.r3)
    This is another equation solver. It is similar to 'iroots2', but for power users of Matlab or Octave.
    It runs on both Matlab and Octave.
    Read the help () for more information.

  • Software #12 (1.0 beta 3) The QR Code
    An Android version of 'iroots2' developed by Hao Cui (link to GitHub) who was an undergraduate of USTC.

  • Software #11
    This Matlab program draws a picture of heart shape.

  • Software #10
    This Matlab program sets different wallpapers for the dual-monitor system.

  • Software #9
    This is a power plot for Matlab. The syntax is exactly the same as the native command "plot", but a menu item is added to the figure so that user can drag any curve anywhere. A toggle button is added in the toolbar, which protects the figure from being replaced or closed.

  • Software #8
    This Matlab program provides an interactive way to perform wavenumber shift calibration in FTIR spectrometry.

  • Software #7
    This Matlab program removes all replicates of certain element in a vector. After the process, any two elements do not have the same value.

  • Software #6
    This Matlab program simulates tabbed windows in Matlab, for Matlab does not provide such feature of user interface. This program may not run properly under Matlab with lower version than 6.

  • Software #5
    This program processes experimental data for the course of analytical chemistry experiments It is developed to facilitate grading the sophomores. This program works under Windows 98/XP.

  • Software #4 was developed (just for fun) to disable the protection (30-day trial) of "NJ Calendar". This program works under Windows 98/XP. (available upon request)

  • Software #3
    This is a program to calculate biological rhythms (the science behind it is under question). It was developed with Turbo Pascal under MSDOS when I was a undergraduate student.

  • Software #2 Obsolete
    This is a program to make transparent the background of desktop icon text, and change the foreground color. It works under Windows 98/2000.

  • Software #1 Obsolete
    This is a program to moniter on-line time and consequent money consumed with a MODEM. Nowadays it is no longer needed.
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