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  • Instructor/Senior Engineer
  • School of Software Engineering (SSE)
  • University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
  • E-mail : mengning[AT]ustc.edu.cn



  • Blockchain Book : A introduction to Blockchain (2018)
  • np2016 : A deep learning application(for teaching)(2016)
  • kingke : billboards and social networks based on WeChat (2016)
  • CloudAP : AP Manager in Cloud,AP Hardware on your side. (2013-2016)
  • vDesktop on Openstack : Desktop as a Service,it is a Enterprise VDI management system based on Openstack. (IBM Innovation Lab,2013-2014)
  • mykernel : It is a platform to write your own OS kernel,its based on Linux Kernel 3.9.4 source code. (for teaching,2013)
  • Nezha : A Distributed,NoSQL(Key-Value),Memory Database,Based on Tokyo Cabinet,also called ConfigDB/nosql. (funded by Huawei Technologies Co. 2012)
  • Universal Media Player : A HTML5 WebApp to share media resources among PCs,smart phones,Pad and iTV,demo. (funded by Sony China,2011)
  • More Projects in Teamtrac - Teampal - Github - Coding.net

Honors and awards