The Group of SPM & Surface Reaction

Welcome to visit the Shao research group!

Our research group was established in 2012 by Prof. Xiang Shao. It is affiliated to Department of Chemical physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

we mainly study STM and surface reaction.

The following are four parts of our research.

       1. Oxide thin film based surface chemistry.

       2. Organic self-assembly layers mediated surface reaction.

       3. Ultrathin two-dimensional materials.

       4. Alloy or interface chemistry.

The Beautiful STM image

Cuprous oxide on Cu(111)

Atomic resolution on Cu film on Au(111)

Linker molecules on Au(111)

Atomic resolution on Au film on Cu(111)

Molecules on Au(111)

Atomic resolution on TiO2(110)

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