The Group of SPM & Surface Reaction

  • Surface chemistry of oxide single crystals and ultrathin films

By manipulating small molecules on the surface of oxide single crystals and ultrathin films, we expect to finely tailor the surface reactions and push the understanding at a true single molecular or single atomic level.

  • Ultrathin two-dimensional materials

Inheriting the  idea from the ultrathin oxide films, we want to explore a number of parameters in tuning the surface reactivity of these 2D materials, such as thickness, substrate interaction, defects, dopants, and adsorbates etc. The substrates can be either metals or oxides.

  • Alloy or interface chemistry

The alloy catalysis is not new and have shown many important applications. However, atomic-scale investigations are limited to only a few well-presented systems. The composite can be both metals and oxides, and for the latter more complexity will be found. But also more fascinating chemistry is awaiting.

  • Organic self-assembly layers mediated surface reaction

The designed functional organic molecules formed ordered surface structures in a controlled way. The local chemical environment can imprint the surface property in the finitised area and stimulate unconventional reactivity.

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