Our Mission     Dr. Shiwu Zhang  
Developing an agile robot capable of overcoming various complex environments is expected for the emergent requirements in many areas such as biological study, resource exploration and disaster rescue. However, the current most bionic robots are far from duplicating the locomotion characteristics of animals, which also sets up an obstacle for their applications in engineering. Fortunately, nature has provided plenty of excellent samples to inspire us in the design of locomotion mechanisms. Moreover, incorporating effcient biomimetic mechanisms inspired by different animals into one biomimetic robot may lead to a considerable performance improvement. We aim to explore bioinspired and/or biomimetic mechanisms to improve the locomotory performance of the field robots and to understand how animals move so well in nature.
    Mechanics Building 2-314  
  Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China  
  Hefei, Anhui, 230027 P.R.C  
  Email :swzhang@ustc.edu.cn  
    Current Research  
  本实验室聚焦于通过仿生方法提高复杂环境下机器人的移动能力,欢迎有志于机器人研究的学生或博后加入!     Underwater/Terrestrial/Amphibious Robots  
  Representative Publications     Variable Stiffness Mechanisms  
  1. Development of a Biomimetic Scallop Robot Capable of Jet Propulsion, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 15(3): 036008, 2020     Soft Robots  
  2. Liquid Metal Droplet Robot, Applied Materials Today Volume 19, 100597, 2020        
  3. Modelling and Motion Control of a Liquid Metal Droplet in a Fluidic Channel, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 25(2): 942-950, 2020     Liquid Metal Robots  
  4. Magnetically- and Electrically-Controllable Functional Liquid Metal Droplets, Advanced Materials Technologies, 1800694, 2019 (Best of Advanced Materials Technologies 2019)     Smart Materials (SMA/MRF/MRE...)  
  5. A Controllable Untethered Vehicle Driven by Electrically Actuated Liquid Metal Droplets, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 15(5): 2535-2543, 2019        
  6. Design and Implementation of a Soft Robotic Arm Driven by SMA Coils, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66(8): 6108-6116, 2019        
  7. A Wheeled Robot Driven by a Liquid Metal Droplet, Advanced Materials Volume 30, Issue 51, 1805039, 2018 (Top 10 Annual Research Achievement Award in Annual Conference of China Robot Industry, 2019.)        
  8. Design and Modelling Analysis of a Changeable Stiffness Robotic Leg Working with Magnetorheological Technology, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures Vol. 29 (19): 3725-3736, 2018        
  9. Unconventional Locomotion of Liquid Metal Droplets Driven by Magnetic Fields, Soft Matter, 14, 7113-7118, 2018        
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  17. AmphiHex-I: Locomotory Performance in Amphibious Environments with Specially Designed Transformable Flipper-legs. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics.21(3):1720-1731, 2016 (IF 4.357)        
  18. Performance Study on a Novel Variable Area Robotic Fin. Mechatronics. Vo.32, P. 59–66, December 2015 (IF 1.871)        
  19. Dynamic Characteristics of Planar Bending Actuator Embedded with Shape Memory Alloy. Mechatronics. Vol.25 pp.18-26, 2015(IF 1.871)        
  20. Design and Implementation of a Lightweight Bio-Inspired Pectoral Fin with Complex Motions. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. Vol. 19(6), 1773-1785, 2014 (IF 3.427)        
  21. A Novel Implementation of a Flexible Robotic Fin Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy. Journal of Bionic Engineering. vol 9(2) pp. 156-165, 2012 (TOP 5% High Cited)        
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