2023  Image Understanding

      ** Teaching Assistant: 杨彬鑫 Binxin Yang, tennyson@mail.ustc.edu.cn;程恺 Kai Cheng, chengkai21@mail.ustc.edu.cn

      ** QQ Group: 607806599 (All slides will be uploaded and notification will be published here)

1)  Readings

      Richard Szeliski, Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications (https://szeliski.org/Book)


2)  Computer Vision Courses

[1] Steve Seitz, Rick Szeliski, and Harpreet Sawhney, CS567 - Introduction to Computer Vision at University of Washington (2020, 2008, 2005)

[2] Noah Snavely's CS5670 - Introduction to Computer Vision class at Cornell Tech (Spring 2022)

[3] Bill Freeman, Antonio Torralba, and Phillip Isola's 6.819/6.869: Advances in Computer Vision class at MIT (Spring 2021)

[4] Yann LeCun and Alfredo Canziani's DS-GA 1008: Deep Learning class at NYU (Spring 2021)

[5] Yasutaka Furukawa's CMPT 762 - Computer Vision class at Simon Fraser University (Spring 2021)

[6] Luiz Velho's Fundamentals and Trends in Vision and Image Processing class at IMPA (Spring 2021)

[7] David Fouhey's and Justin Johnson's EECS 442: Computer Vision class at the University of Michigan (Winter 2021)

[8] Justin Johnson's EECS 498-007 / 598-005: Deep Learning for Computer Vision class at the University of Michigan (Fall 2020)

[9] Alyosha Efros' CS194-26/294-26: Intro to Computer Vision and Computational Photography class at Berkeley (Fall 2020)

[10] Ioannis Gkioulekas's 15-463, 15-663, 15-862 Computational Photography class at CMU (Fall 2020); 16-385 Computer Vision class at CMU (Spring 202-)

[11] UC Berkeley's CS294-158-SP20: Deep Unsupervised Learning class (Spring 2020)

[12] Scott Wehrwein's CSCI 497P/597P - Introduction to Computer Vision class at Western Washington University (Spring 2020)

[13] Andrew Owens' EECS 504: Foundations of Computer Vision class at the University of Michigan (Winter 2020)

[14] Frank Dellaert's CS 4476 Introduction to Computer Vision class at Georgia Tech (Fall 2019)

[15] Pascal Fua's CS-442 Introduction to Computer Vision class at EPFL (Spring 2019)

[17] Alyosha Efros, Jitendra Malik, and Stella Yu's CS280: Computer Vision class at Berkeley (Spring 2018)

[18] Deva Ramanan's 16-720 Computer Vision class at CMU (Spring 2017)

[19] Trevor Darrell's CS 280 Computer Vision class at Berkeley


3)  Calendar  


Chapter 1: Introduction





Chapter 2: Image Formation





Chapter 3: Neural Rendering & NeRF





Chapter 4.1: Feature Detection and Matching

Feature detection ppt;

SIFT feature     ppt

Feature matching ppt

Project 1



Test on Oct.

Due to Oct.

Chapter 4.2 : Edge, line




Chapter 5: Segmentation

Segmentation Algorithms ppt

Graph-Based Segmentation ppt

GrabCut; PhotoPopup;



Chapter 9: Image Stitching

Stitching: Motion models ppt

Image Stitching and blending ppt

Panoramas ppt;

Poisson Image Editing ppt;

Drag-and-Drop ppt;

Project 2




Test on Nov

Due to Nov.




Chapter 14: Recognition

Object Recognition Intro ppt

Face Detection Survey ppt

Robust Real-time Face Detection ppt

Face Recognition ppt

Project 3




Test on Dec

Due to Dec

Object Categorization intro

Bag of Visual words  ppt

Part-based model  ppt

Context    ppt

Categorization & Segmentation ppt

Large scale image retrieval ppt


Convolutional Neural Networks

Detection Networks

Semantic Segmentation


Generative Adversarial Networks


Final projects can be any topic related to computer vision

  • A survey with comparison experiments
  • or
  • Improvement on a state-of-the-art algorithm
  • Build a group with 2-4 members, introduce your idea in 8-10 mins presentation

Final Projects


Presentation in Dec

Due date Jan. 18