Xue Chen

Email: firstname + chencs AT gmail DOT com

firstname + chen1989 AT ustc DOT edu DOT cn

Office: Room 1410 in the Library of West Campus

About Me

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science. Specific areas include big data algorithms, learning theory and foundations of machine learning, complexity theory, randomized algorithms and pseudorandomness.

Currently I am a faculty member in the School of Computer Science and Technology of University of Science and Technology of China. Previously, I was a postdoc in the theory group of Northwestern University (in USA) and an assistant professor in George Mason University (in USA). Prior to that, I obtained my PhD in the University of Texas at Austin, under the supervision of David Zuckerman, and my bachelor degree from the Yao class of Tsinghua University.

Here is my CV.

Prospective Students

If you are interested in my projects or want to know more about my research, feel free to send me an email or drop by my office after 3pm.


Fall 2019 Graduate Complexity at Northwestern University.

Fall 2020 Theory of Computation at George Mason University.

Spring 2021 Advanced Algorithms at George Mason University.

Fall 2021 Advanced Algorithms Design and Analysis at USTC.

Spring 2022 Concrete Math (graduate) at USTC.

Spring 2022 Introduction to Algorithm at USTC.

Publications (my google scholar)