Xiong Research Group at the USTC

Discovering and engineering the nature's catalytic processes for ecosystem reconstruction (Ecochemistry)

"The ecosystem, which includes biotic components and physical environments with extensive interactions, works through the cycles of various elements and energy in the nature. Unfortunately, anthropogenic activities have influenced and destroyed the nature's cycles, causing various ecosystem problems. Essentially, the issues related to the ecosystem are caused by the misplacement of various elements in specific locations due to anthropogenic activities. We aim to harness the catalytic processes in the nature to achieve artificial cycles of elements and energy, whose efficiency can be enhanced through designing materials and devices to meet the demands of anthropogenic activities."

Principal Investigator: Prof. Yujie Xiong (Research ID: G-3203-2010)

We cordially welcome studuents and postdoctoral fellows who are enthusiastic about our research to join our team!


Contact Information

Prof. Yujie Xiong

School of Chemistry and Materials Science

University of Science and Technology of China

96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R. China

Tel: 86-551-63606657

Lab: 86-551-63600651; 86-551-63606927

Email: yjxiong@ustc.edu.cn