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I am now an associated professor at School of Mathematical Sciences of USTC. Before joining USTC, I was a member of School of Math., Shaanxi Normal University (2011-2018).

I got my Bachelor's degree from Tianjin University (2001-2005) and Ph.D. from Peking University (Supervised by Prof. Jin-Xing Cai, 2005-2011). Here is my CV.

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News: 欢迎从事多复变、代数几何的博士申请科大的博后(年薪20万)。

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Here are resources of lectures on extension theory (an application of complex analysis in algebraic geomtry)

For suggestions to graduate students, I agree with and refer to Prof. Liang,there are some interesting material in Shenxing Zhang's homepage (张神星) .





2022 Spring, Modern Algebra(近世代数)

2022 Spring, Commutative Algebra (Exercise,中法班习题课)

2021 Fall, Basic Algebraic Geometry I: Algebraic curves (An introduction to AG), William Fulton

2021 Spring, Modern Algebra

2020 Fall, Basic Algebraic Geometry I: Algebraic curves (An introduction to AG), William Fulton

2020 Spring, Modern Algebra

2019 Fall, Basic Algebraic Geometry 1:Varieties in Projective Space(Igor R.Shafarevich)

2019 Sring, Algebraic Geometry and Arithemetic curves(Qing Liu)

2018 Fall, Complex Variable Functions((复变函数,严镇军 )

2018 Spring, Riemann Surface (黎曼曲面导引,梅加强)


My research area is Algebraic Geometry, and study topics: Algebraic Surface, Irregular Variety, Minimal Model Theory in positive characteristic. Recently my research interest is the classification of varieties in characteristic p.

Accepted papers:

[18] Yi Gu, Lei Zhang and Yongming Zhang, Counterexamples to Fujita's conjecture on surfaces in positive characteristic, accepted by Advances in Mathematics. arXiv: 2002. 04584.

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