Shuang-Yong Zhou  |  周   双   勇

Professor of Physics
Interdisciplinary Center for Theoretical Study
University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interests:
Effective Field Theory, Gravity, Cosmology, Particle Physics
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I was born and raised in southern Zhejiang, China. I obtained my PhD at the University of Nottingham in 2012, after which I did my postdoctoral work in Italy (SISSA), America (Case Western Reserve University) and Britain (Imperial College London). I returned to China in late 2017 to join the faculty of University of Science and Technology of China, after being awarded a distinguished national young scientist fellowship.

Graduate students
Shi-Lin Wan, Guo-Dong Zhang
Xiao-Xiao Kou, Hao Xu
Qi-Xing Xie

Undergraduate students
Yi-Jie Wang
Yu-Xuan Deng, Si-Yuan Hou, Tong Wu
Zong-Zhe Du, Zi-Yue Wang

Former undergraduate students
Yu-Xing Huang, Xue Sun, Jiu-Ci Xu
Chunhao Li

Former graduate students
Yu-Jia Wang

Master, PhD or postdoctoral openings are available every year. Interested candidates shall contact me by email. Undergraduates willing to do some research are also welcome!