Zachary J. Smith (储扎克) & Kaiqin Chu (储开芹)

Lab for Multimodal Biomedical Imaging & Therapy (MBIT),
USTC, Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation

Laboratory News 2021

Nov 16, 2021: Yuchen and Tingjuan (of CCNU)'s latest work on ultra-bright, functional Raman labels is published in Analytical Chemistry! Zach did a little data analysis for the paper, thanks to the authors for including me in this exciting work!

Sept 27, 2021: A belated welcome to this semester's new students, Chen Chen, Qun Wang, and Qi Zhang! 欢迎!

Sept 24, 2021: Zach was just appointed as Associate Editor for the IEEE Photonics Journal! Thanks to EIC Gabriella Cincotti and Senior Editor Qiyin Fang for the invitation and honor!

Sept 5, 2021: Congrats to Ruijie! Her high-resolution, dark-field microscope system is published today at the Journal of Biophotonics! It combines high spatial and temporal resolution with an "open top," making a great platform for model organism experiments that need on-line intervention.

Jun 25, 2021: Two papers online in two days! Congrats to Qiang, whose paper on a complete sample-to-answer solution for body fluid cell counting is published today in Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry!

Jun 24, 2021: Siyue's paper on using deep learning to segment mitochondria from unlabeled phase images, and then study their dynamics (with no photobleaching and no phototoxicity!) is published in Biomedical Optics Express!

May 27, 2021: Graduation season is here once again! Congratulations to Chuanzhen, Yaning, and Qiang for all successfully defending their PhDs! Best of luck in your new positions!

May 6, 2021: Happy Worker's Day! Congratulations to Yuchen and Tingjuan (of 华中师范大学), whose paper on hyper-intense Raman labels is published at ACS Central Science! Zach did a little data analysis for that paper, thanks to the authors for including me!

Feb 18, 2021: Happy "牛" Year to all! Congratulations to Chuanzhen, whose paper on fast Raman imaging using compressive sensing with an image prior is published today in the Analyst!

Jan 19, 2021: Prof. Gao Peng's (of 西电大学) new review article on SIM microscopy was recently published at J. Phys. Photonics! Thanks to Prof. Gao (and Ma Ying!) for including us.

Jan 8, 2021: I'm a bit behind on Lab News, so let me belatedly thank the great effort of our Office of International Collaboration, who supported me to receive Hefei's Friendship Award (合肥市友谊奖) last month! (news)

Jan 1, 2021: Happy New Year! Thanks to the students for helping Zach to celebrate Christmas!