Bangjiao Ye


Professor of Physics, PhD



The School of Physical Science, University of Science and Technology of China

Jinzhai road 96#, Hefei, Anhui(230026), P.R.China





说明: 1or002aResearch


Nuclear Solid Physics

Positron Spectroscopy

Nuclear and Particle Detection Technology

Muon Physics and Application

说明: 3or002aTeaching



u=184367730,1641183461&fm=21&gp=0Science and Society

说明: 3or004aReports

annihilaPositron Physics

uSRMuon Physics


说明: 2or003aPapers/ Books


Published Papers;    Published Books


说明: 7or001aManagement

Deputy Dean, The School of Physcal Sciences, USTC

Director, Teaching Faculty Group for Electiomagnetism,USTC



说明: 8or004aSociety Work

Member of the Council, China Nuclear Society

Executive Member of the Council, The Chinese Society of Nuclear Physics

Vice-President , Anhui Nuclear Society

Editorial board memberReview of Nuclear Physics

Editorial board memberModern Physics

Editorial board memberPhysics

Teaching committeeChina Physics Society

Executive Member of the CouncilNational College Teaching Union for Electromagnetism

Vice-President National College Teaching Union for Mechanics





说明: 10or003aPhysics Olympiad          

Executive Member of the CouncilThe National Physics Olympiad Committee


International Physics Olympiad, Problems and Solutions

US Physics Olympiad Team, Problems and Solutions

British Physics Olympiad, Problems and Solutions

APhO Problems and Solutions

Rudolf Ortvay International Competition in Physics

National Physics Olympiad, Problems and Solutions