Lu Research Group
University of Science and Technology of China  

Research Interest

  • Atomic-Level Catalyst Smart Design

Atomically-precise smart design of new catalytic materials using a combined wet-chemistry and ALD method


  • Chemical Upgrading

1.   Selective hydrogenation of dienes, unsaturated aldehydes, alkynes

2.   Aerobic oxidation of alcohols

3.   Biomass conversions

4.   Alkenes epoxidation


  • Clean Energy: Hydrogen production

Hydrogen as a great clean energy source has attracted tremendous interest. The Lu research group is currently focusing on developing new generation of high performance catalysts in the application of CO-free hydrogen production for fuel cell applications.

1.   Preferential CO oxidation in hydrogen (PROX)

2.   Formic acid decomposition

3.   Hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane


  • Clean Environment: CO2 utilization

Global warming due to the accumulation of atmospheric CO2 has received widespread attention in recent years. Various techniques related to utilization of CO2 have been proposed. The Lu research group is currently focusing on the conversion of CO2 to valuable chemicals and energy products in the following two ways:

1.   CO2 hydrogenation

2.   CO2 reforming of methane


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