Welcome to the Advanced Battery Group in the Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The group is founded in 2018. We are dedicated to the development of advanced electrochemical systems for energy conversion and storage, including metal-air batteries, Zn-based batteries, and next-generation high-energy batteries.  
Main research areas:
1. Heat/mass transfer and energy conversion in electrochemical systems
2. High-performance battery materials
3. Battery structure design and optimization
1. Investigation on the thermodynamic characteristics and optimization design of space environment, National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFB1900602), 4,180,000 RMB
2. Investigation on the transport issues inside the porous electrode of a non-aqueous lithium-air battery during the discharge process, National Natural Science Foundation of China (52006208), 240,000 RMB
3. Development of high-performance air electrodes for Zn-air batteries, Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation (2008085ME155), 120,000 RMB
4. Investigation on the critical issues in the air electrode of hybrid Zn-air batteries, USTC Research Funds of the Double First-Class Initiative, 500,000 RMB
5. Development of metal-oxide decorated graphene as the electrode material for hybrid Zn-air batteries, USTC-Yanchang Petroleum Union Project, 600,000 RMB
6. Investigation on Zn-Fe flow batteries for large-scale energy storage, 400,000 RMB
7. National Innovative Talents Program, 2,000,000 RMB
8. Development and application of decay prediction model for the lithium-ion battery based on silicon carbon anode, 700,000 RMB

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