Group members and Students (I am lucky to work with so many excellent students at USTC, IIT, Microsoft Research Asia, TsingHua University, and many other top universities in China) News at 2016: I am looking for inspired PhD/MS/BS students to work on various excting projects related to wireless networking, mobile computing, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber-Security, Data Privacy and even social networking.
If you are interested in working on these topics at USTC, please contact me.

News at September 2014: RESEARCH POSITIONS (recruiting ad in Chinese): FOUR Research assistant positions are available for PhD students (remain openning till filled), please follow application instructions to apply. Currently, I am particularly interested in PhD applicants with background in one or more of the following (1) big data analytics (2) social networking and social media (3) wireless networking and mobile computing, (4) cognitive radio and MIMO technology, (5) algorithmic method and optimization (6) RF and PCB hardware design.

  1. Graduated PhD students (congratulations to all, ☺):
    1. Yu Wang (2000-2004, now full professor at CS, UNCC from Fall 2004);
    2. Wen-Zhan Song (2001-2005, now full professor of CS Dept of Georgia State University);
    3. Yusuf Hasan (2001-2005, co-advised with Prof. Morris Chang from ECE department of Iowa State Univ.);
    4. Weizhao Wang (2002-2006), Senior Staff Engineer at Google, see his LinkedIn Page.
    5. Kousha Moaveninejad (2002-2008); Director of Software at Davachi Consulting, His LinkedIn Page
    6. Yanwei Wu (2005-2009, now associate professor at West Oregon University ).
    7. XuFei Mao (2006-2010, assistant professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, then post-doc at Tsinghua Univ., BeiJing, China, now an assistant research professor at Tsinghua Univ.)
    8. Ping Xu (2006-2010), Allston Trading as a Quantitative Analyst.
    9. Ashraf Nusairat (2004-2011, worked at Motorola, now Wireless Broadband Architect at Cambium Networks). See his LinkedIn page.
    10. XiaoHua Xu (2007-2012), visiting assistant professor at Toledo (2012-2014), and Michigan Tech University (2014-present).
    11. Cheng Wang (2007-2011, Co-advised, from Tongji University, China, graduated 2011). Assistant Professor at TongJi University.
    12. ShaoJie Tang (2006-2012): wireless networks, social networks, (visiting assistant professor at Temple, 2013 --- June 2014. now Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Dallas, 2014 ---)
  2. Other PhD students (collaborated research leading to PhD thesis, Congratulations to all, ☺):
    1. Lan Zhang (2009-2014), Tsinghua University, research on privacy and mobile computing. Now Post-Doc at Tsinghua University.
    2. ZhiPing Jiang (2012-present), Xi'An JiaoTong University, research on mobile computing,
    3. Wei Xi (2008-2014, co-advised student), Xi'An JiaoTong University, Now an assistant professor at Xi'An JiaoTong University.
    4. Dong Zhao (2010-2014, Thesis "Research on data gathering problem in mobile crowd-sensing networks"), BUPT. Now an assistant professor at BUPT
    5. Yin Wang (2010.9-2014.6, co-advised student, Theis "Exploiting Constructive interference in sensor and ad hoc networks"), Tsinghua University, Now CEO of a startup company
    6. Haitao Zhang (2008.9-2012.7, Thesis, "RESEARCH ON DATA TRANSMISSION SCHEDULING IN WIRElESS SENSOR NETWORKS"), BeiJing University of Post and Telecommunications, BeiJing, now assistant professor at BUPT.
    7. YanLi Cai, Shang-Hai JiaoTong University, 2009. Working at Google
    8. Chi-Wei Yi, (2000-2005, IIT), now an associate professor at Department of Compute Science, National Chiao Tung University
    9. Yubo Yan (2011.9-2015, PLA University of Science and Technology)
    10. Bowen Li (2008-2012, PLA University of Science and Technology, Thesis, "Research on Online Decision and Learning in DSA Networks Based on Stochastic Optimization Theory"), now a Post-Doc at Tsinghua University
    11. YaQin Zhou (2010-2014, Institute Of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences), now a post-doc at Singapore University of Technology and Design (with David Yau)
    12. Lufeng Mo (2007-2012, Xi'An JiaoTong University), now an associate professor at Zhejiang Forestry University
    13. Chao Ren (2007-2010, co-advised, Northwestern Polytechnical University), now working at Ministary of Education, China
    14. Deke Guo (2003-2008, Thesis title "Research on Peer-to-Peer Networks Based on Kautz Digraph and Bloom Filters"), NUDT. Now an associate professor at NUDT.
    15. Dezun Dong (2005.2 to 2010.12, Thesis "Research on Topology Recognition and Construction in Wireless Sensor Networks"), NUDT, now an associate professor at NUDT.
  3. Current PhD students at USTC:
    1. Haishi Du, (wireless networking) 2016-
    2. Zhenan Wu, (data security) 2016-
  4. Current Co-Advised PhD students
    1. Cheng Bo, mobile computing and security, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2011-2016
    2. Qian Zhang, Mobile Computing and wireless Networking, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Beijing Institute of Technology, China, 2015-
  5. Current PhD students at IIT:
    1. Taeho Jung : Big data security, privacy, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, (2011-2017)
    2. JunZe Han: data privacy in social network and mobile computing, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, (2011-2017)
    3. Jing Zhao: smart grid, mobile networks, and battery-free networking, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, (2012-2017)
    4. Xuesi Jian, mobile computing, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, (2014-2018)
    5. Haohua Du, Visible Light Communication, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015-
    6. Jianwei Qian, BigData Security and Privacy, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015-
    7. Linlin Chen, Mobile Economics (advertising, privacy, inference) PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015-
    8. JiaHui Hou, Verifiable Protocol Design, Data Security and Privacy; PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015-
    9. Rui Zou, Battery-Free Networking, wireless networking, Mobile Computing, PhD candidate, (Computer Science), Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015-
  6. MS students:
    1. 2004: Ovidiu Gabriel Cristea (CS, IIT),
    2. 2005: Mihai Moldovan (CS, IIT),
    3. 2006: QiZhong Hu (CS, IIT), Chang-Ling Huang (CS, IIT), Sebastian Vas (CS, IIT),
    4. 2009: Min Gyung Kwak (CS, IIT).
    5. 2010: YiTian Pan (CS, IIT, 2010-2011), Eric Sze Ching Duan (CS, IIT, 2010-2012, sensor networks), Unsuk Heo (CS, IIT, undergraduate, 2010-2011), Yue Tao (EE, IIT, 2010-2012, sensor networks), Hao Bian (CS, IIT, 2010-2012, security), SuFeng Niu (EE, IIT, 2010-2012),
    6. 2011: ShiGuang Wang (2008-2011), Xiao Han (CS, IIT, 2011), PengQian Hu (CS, IIT, 2011-2012), GuoBiao Yang (CS, IIT, cloud computing, 2011-2012), Chan Guo (CS, IIT, Spam Detection on social networks, 2012), YanJie Wang (CS, IIT, 2011-2012), Juan Garcia (CS, IIT), Siddharth Shankar (CS, IIT, 2011-2012), Wei Wang (CS, IIT, 2011-2012), YiFan Zhu (CS, IIT, 2011-2012), ShuFan Wang (CS, IIT, 2011), Xuesi Jian (CS, IIT, 2011-2013, social networks and privacy), RuiHan Zhu (CS, IIT, 2011-2012, social networks),
    7. 2012: ShuKun Xie (CS, IIT, 2012-, cloud computing),
    8. 2013: Jiawei Cao (CS, IIT, 2013-2014) Dong Ding (CS, IIT, 2013-) Hanlu Feng (CS, IIT, 2013-) Haohua Du (CS, IIT, 2013-) JingShan Yin (CS, IIT, 2013-2014) Ruoxi Chen (CS, IIT, 2013-2013) YueQing Zhang (CS, IIT, 2013-) Qian Zhang (CS, IIT, 2013-) Cheng Bo (localization, sensor networks, 2011-2013, joining UNCC from 2014 after exiting PhD in 2013)
    9. 2014: Yue Tao (cognitive radio networks, sensor networks, PhD started in 2012, exit the program in 2014 with MS degree).
  7. Students at MSRA: YaJun Wang (from HKUST) 2007 Summer, WangSeng Feng (from Peking University), 2007 Summer.
  8. Visiting scholars:
    1. DongSong Chen (Department of Computer Science, NorthEastern University, China, 7.2006 -7.2007).
    2. XiaoBing Wu (PhD student, Department of Computer Science, NanJing University, 10.2007-10.2008)
    3. Lan Shen (ZheJing Province, China, 8.2007-8.2008)
    4. YuanFang Chen (PhD student, Dalian University of Technology, China), 9.2009-8.2010.
    5. Dan Tao, BeiJing Jiaotong University (2010.11-2011.11)
    6. Haitao Zhang, (PhD Student) BeiJing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2010.10-2011.10)
    7. Lan Yao, NorthEastern University (2011.11-2012.11),
    8. ZhiBin Zhao, NorthEastern University (2012.04-2013.04),
    9. Dong Zhao, (PhD student) BeiJing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2012.10-2013.10)
    10. Xu Zhang, BeiJing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2012.12-2013.12)
    11. ZengHua Zhao, TianJing University, (2013.9-2014.3)
    12. Yonglei Yao, NanJing University of Information Science and Technology (2013.10--2014.10)
    13. JiaHao Wang, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chendu (2014.1.-2015.1)
    14. ChunHong Zhang, BeiJing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2014.4-2015.4)
    15. Gang Lu, Shaanxi Normal University, April 2014--March 2015
    16. Jumin Zhao, Taiyuan University of Technology, August 31st 2014 - August 30th 2015.
    17. Yifeng Zhong, TsingHua University, September 3rd 2014-- -- --September 2nd, 2015
    18. Lufeng Mo, Zhenjiang Forestry University, September 1st 2014-February 2015.
    19. Jie Hu, TsingHua University, September 2014 -- September 2015.
    20. Lin Wang, Yanshan University, September 30 2014 -- September 29 2015.
    21. Mengshu Hou, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, Aug.1 2015-July 31 2016.
    22. Yiqing Hu, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Sept.20 2015-Sept. 19 2016.
    23. Lin Xiao, Hunan University, Nov. 8 2015-Nov. 7th, 2016.
    24. Limin Liu, Hunan University, Nov. 8 2015-Nov. 7th, 2016.
  9. MS thesis committee (not complete): Nguyen, Antonie-Dienth (CS, 2001), Naga Kunderu (CS, 2004)
  10. PhD thesis committee (not complete): Khaled M. Alzoubi (CS, IIT, 2003), Chih-Wei Yi (CS, IIT, 2005), HaiGang Feng (ECE, IIT, 2005), Erdal Oruklu (ECE, IIT, 2005), Nie Zhong (ECE, IIT, 2005), Yufeng Lu (ECE, IIT, 2005), Laurent Nadeau (ECE, IIT, 2006), Sutep Tongngam (CS, IIT, 8.2008)

For more information about conducting research with me, check the information for students first.