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  1. Wang, R. K.; Sui, X. L.; Pang, W. M.; Chen, C. L.* “Ethylene Polymerization by Xanthene Bridged Dinuclear α-diimine Ni(II) Complexes.” ChemCatChem 2016, 8, 434. ESI Highly Cited Paper.
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  1. Guo, L. H.; Jing, X.; Xiong, S.; Liu, W. Liu, Y.; Liu, Z. Chen, C. L.* “Influences of Alkyl and Aryl Substituents on Iminopyridine Fe(II)- and Co(II)-Catalyzed Isoprene Polymerization.Polymers 2016, 8, 389. Special Issue: Young Talents in Polymer Science.
  1. Guo, L. H.; Dai, S. Y.; Chen, C. L.* “Investigations of the ligand electronic effects on α-diimine Nickel(II) catalyzed ethylene polymerization.Polymers 2016, 8, 37. Special Issue: Metal-Mediated Polymer Synthesis. Top 4 most cited article in Polymers during 2016-2017.
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  1. Wang, K.; Niu, H. *; Chen, J.; Song, J.; Mao, C.; Zhang, S. Zheng, S.; Liu, B.; Chen, C. L.* “Facile Synthesis of CeO2-LaFeO3 Perovskite Composite and Its Application for 4-(Methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-Pyridyl)-1-Butanone (NNK) Degradation. Materials 2016, 9, 326.

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