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Department of Mathematics

University of Science and Technology of China(USTC)

Hefei,230026, Anhui Province

Office: Room 1321, GuanLiKeYan Building (East Campus)                                                                                        

Phone: 0086-551-3603015                                                                        

Fax:   0086-551-3600105

Email: juele@ ustc.edu.cn

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:



  1. (with Guodong Zhou) On the Hochschild cohomology ring of tensor products of algebras. J. Pure Appl. Algebra 218 (2014), no.8, 1463--1477.

  2. Auslander-Reiten theory on the homotopy category of projective modules. J. Pure Appl. Algebra 213 (2009), no.7, 1430--1437.

  3. (with Xiaowu Chen) Karoubianness of a triangulated category. J. Algebra 310 (2007), no.1, 452--457.

  4. Almost split conflations for complexes of modules. Comm. Algebra 35 (2007), no.3, 999--1008.

  5. (with Henning Krause) The Auslander-Reiten formula for complexes of modules. Adv. Math. 207 (2006), no.1, 133--148.

  6. (with Yong Zhang) Structure of Hopf algebras with a weak injection.  (Chinese) Acta Math. Sci. Ser. A Chin. Ed. 25 (2005), no.2, 201--212.

  7. (with Jingcheng Dong, Huixiang Chen) Special cases in the structure of Hopf algebras with a weak injection.  (Chinese) J. Yangzhou Univ. Nat. Sci. Ed. 6 (2003), no.1, 4--7.

  8. (with Xiaoming Gu) Two-cocycles on Sweedler’s 4-dimensional Hopf algebra. (Chinese) J. Yangzhou Univ. Nat. Sci. Ed. 5 (2002), no.2, 1--4.



  1. (with Xiaowu Chen) A note on morphisms determined by objects.

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