Soft Inductive Angle Sensing (SIAS)

We developed a direct-measuring, novel folding and bending sensor using soft planar coils.

Soft Inductive Tactile Sensors (SITS)

We developed a highly sensitive, fast resposne, but durable and resilient soft tactile sensors, the SITS.

Soft Robots Perception Systems(SRS)

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We investigate novel mechanisms for better sensing & actuation, and develop the associated enabling technologies, from functional materials, sensing electronics, advanced fabrications, to system integration.
And we are exploring their applications in soft robotics, wearables, and healthcare systems.

Inductive sensing mehcanisms

Inductive transducers are widely used in industrial applications, from NDT, to displacement sensing, but barely being investigated for soft sensors.

Soft force and tactile sensors

Tactile sensing (sense of touch) is one of the basic sense allowing living organisms to thrive in the world. And the sense of touch is vital for human beings to perform skilled tasks. Compared to machine vision, artificial touch sensors and applications are less developed.

Soft Robotics Perception

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