Research Interests

Information Hiding

Information hiding is an art and technique for embedding data into a cover such as image, audio and video, which can be used for the purpose of covert communication, copyright protection, integrity authentication and media notation, etc. Our current research topics includes: steganography, steganalysis, reversible data hiding, covert communication and covert storage.

Computation in Encrypted Domain

Nowadays users connected to the Internet may store their data on cloud servers and let the servers manage or process their data. To protect privacy, the data usually is encrypted before being outsourced to the cloud, which makes it hard for the cloud to provide computing services. Computation in Encrypted Domain is a technique for solving this problem, which enables the cloud to process data directly in the encrypted data without getting knowledge on the data. Our current research topics includes: search in encrypted data, computation in encrypted images, order-preserving encryption, and semantic transfer encryption.