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  • 11/06/2008-Xiaogang's work on DNA tweezers was introduced by Nanowerk ("The gripping potential of DNA nanotechnology"), the magazine Chemistry&Industry ("Tiny tweezers hold promise"), ACS PressPac ("Tiny DNA tweezers can catch and release objects on-demand"). It also appears on some other websites (please click here: ).
  • 10/16/2008-Prof. Erik Winfree and Dr. Lulu Qian visited our group today!
  • 09/05/2008-Our NNSFC proposal is approved!
  • 05/12/2008-Xiaogang won the excellent presentation award in USTC graduate student research symposium 2008
  • 04/19/2008-Xiaogang won the USTC excellent PhD student fellowship (2008-2009), congratulations to him!
  • 09/28/2007-Prof. Yong Zhang revisited our group!
  • 09/28/2007-Nanotech Alert introduces Yulin's work (click for details) at
  • 09/09/2007-We had a welcome party for new members!
  • 06/24/2007-Yulin, Zihao and Jingyu's graduations are celebrated in our group today!
  • 06/19/2007-Yulin, Zihao and Jingyu finished their undergraduate defenses this morning and Zihao and Jingyu will be leaving soon.
  • 01/24/2007-Xiaogang has become a father recently, his son was born on Jan 17, say congratulations to him!
  • 12/26/2006-Our group welcomes Prof. Yong Zhang from NUS!
  • 09/20/2006--Our NNSFC proposal is approved!
  • 06/13/2006--Group picture updated today.
  • 05/25/2006--It is good to see our webpage counter has reached its four-digit numbers!
  • 05/23/2006--We just had our first group meeting. The Deng group members gathered in Rm 202 of the Chem Building and had a happy and relaxed discussion on various topics---of course the biggest one is RESEARCH:-). As of today group meeting will become one important event on our weekly calendar!
  • On 3/26/2006, our WebCounter was updated!

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