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Faculty Openings Now Available in Analytical Chemistry

(Courtesy of Analytical Chemistry division @USTC)

The chemistry department at USTC is now having some faculty openings at different levels in the division of analytical chemistry (competent applicants are encouraged to apply). Interested applicants please write an email to Prof. Hua Cui (hcui@ustc.edu.cn) or Dr. Zhaoxiang Deng (zhxdeng@ustc.edu.cn), and include a CV and a cover letter in your email addressing your teaching and research interests and (better) what position you are looking for. You will be contacted shortly after we receive your enquiry. Evaluation of applications will start immediately when all required documents are received. These positions will be open until all of them are filled.

Deng Group openings

Currently funding is available to support thesis work of several graduate students. Enthusiasm in scientific involvement is one prerequisite for all applicants. If you are interested in studying in our group, please feel free to send your enquiry with a description of your study and research (if you have some) background to Prof. Zhaoxiang Deng. He will be happy to answer any of your questions. A lab tour or a meeting with the professor may be considered if it appears necessary. One or two positions for postdoc scientists will also be available from time to time. Applicants falling into this category need to provide names of at least two references along with a CV addressing the educations you have received and most importantly your Ph.D. research experience.

Applicants with either chemistry or biology background are suitable to study in our group, but those with hands-on experiences in at least one of the following areas will be considered with priority: (1) organic synthesis; (2) microfabrication; (3) monodisperse or mesoporous material synthesis; (4) cell culture; (5) surface initiated chemical reactions; (6) molecular or cell biology; (7) fuel cell.

We have room reserved for USTC unders but priority will be given to those who have VERY strong research motivations and would like to pursue their Ph.D. degrees in our group.

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