Hongbo WANG

Research Professor, PhD Supervisor
Email: wangh@ustc.edu.cn
Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation (PMPI)
School of Engineering Science, USTC

Research Interests

  • Novel Transducer Mechanisms
  • Soft Force & Tactile Sensors
  • Intelligent Machines & Soft Robotics
  • Wearables
  • Flexible and Strechable electronics

  • Hongbo Wang


    9/2010 - 6/2015PhDDepartment of PMPI, USTC
    9/2006 - 7/2010B.E.Department of PMPI, USTC

    Work Experience

    4/2021 - Research ProfessorDepartment of PMPI, USTC
    9/2017 - 3/2021Marie-Curie ResearcherIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
    6/2015 – 6/2017Postdoctoral Research FellowUniversity of Leeds School of Mechancial Engineering

    Funding & Projects

  • CAS, Talent Introduction Program, 2023 - 2026, PI
  • NSFC, General Program Grant, 2023 - 2026, PI
  • USTC High-level Talents Starting Grant, 2021 - 2024, PI
  • Ministry of Science and Technology of China, other Program Grant, 2022-2024, Participate
  • EU Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship project “3D-SITS”, 2018 - 2020, PI
  • EU FET-OPEN project “PROBOSCIS”,2019 - 2023, Participate
  • UK Royal Society Internatioanl Exchange project “Flex-Handling”, 2019 - 2021, Participate
  • UK The Leverhulme Trust “Sense & Sensibility”, 2015 - 2017, Participate
  • Honors & Awards

    2018     European Union Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship (Top 4 among 850 applicants in Engineering)
    2015     The president's "Special Prize" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    2015     "Gold Medal" at the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland
    2015     “Outstanding Graduates” of USTC
    2014     "Third Prize" of the 2014 China (International) Transducer & Sensor Innovation Contest
    2014     “National Scholarship” of graduate students

    Selected Papers

    • Chao Tang, Xinxin Chang, Jinxing Wang, Yulian Peng, Houping Wu, & Hongbo Wang*
      A Nonarray Soft Capacitive Tactile Sensor with Simultaneous Contact Force and Location Measurement for Intelligent Robotic Grippers [DOI]
      IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,73, 9503509 (2023).

    • Selvaraj Veerapandian#, Junchen Luo#, Mingyu Kwak, Zhengyan Wang, Yebin Park, Ighyun Lim, Hongbo Wang* & Unyong Jeong*
      Two-Terminal Deformable Induction Array Sensor Capable of Recognizing Non-Contact Dynamic Motions of Various Objects [DOI]
      Advanced Functional Materials, 33, 2305776 (2023).

    • Zhengyan Wang, Houping Wu, Zhihua Feng & Hongbo Wang*
      A Stick on, Film-like, Split Angle Sensor via Magnetic Induction for Versatile Applications [DOI]
      IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 71, 9510309 (2022).

    • Junda Huang, Jianshu Zhou*, Zhengyan Wang, Jones Law, Hanwen Cao, Yichuan Li, Hongbo Wang* & Yunhui Liu
      Modular Origami Soft Robot with the Perception of Interaction Force and Body Configuration [DOI]
      Advanced Intelligent Systems, 4(7), 2200081 (2022).

    • Hongbo Wang*, Massimo Totaro, Selvaraj Veerapandian, Muhammad Ilyas, Minsik Kong, Unyong Jeong & Lucia Beccai*
      Folding and Bending Planar Coils for Highly Precise Soft Angle Sensing [DOI]
      Advanced Materials Technologies, 5(11), 2000659 (2020).

    • Hongbo Wang*, Massimo Totaro & Lucia Beccai*
      Toward Perceptive Soft Robots: Progress and Challenges [DOI]
      Advanced Science, 5(9), 201800541 (2018).

    • Selvaraj Veerapandian#, Woosun Jang#, Jae Bok Seol, Hongbo Wang, Minsik Kong, Kaliannan Thiyagarajan, Junghyeok Kwak, Gyeongbae Park, Gilwoon Lee, Wonjeong Suh, Insang You, Mehmet Emin Kılıç, Anupam Giri, Lucia Beccai, Aloysius Soon* & Unyong Jeong*
      Hydrogen-doped viscoplastic liquid metal microparticles for stretchable printed metal lines [DOI]
      Nature Materials, 20, 533–540 (2021).

    • Hongbo Wang*, Jun Wai Kow, Nicholas Raske, Gregory de Boer, Mazdak Ghajari, Robert Hewson, Ali Alazmani & Peter Culmer
      Robust and high-performance soft inductive tactile sensors based on the Eddy-current effect [DOI]
      Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 271, 44-52 (2018).

    • Hongbo Wang, Wei Li & Zhihua Feng*
      Non-contact Thickness Measurement of Metal Films Using Eddy Current Sensor Immune to Distance Variation [DOI]
      IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 64(9), 2557-2564 (2015).

    • Hongbo Wang*, Dominic Jones, Gregory de Boer, Junwai Kow, Lucia Beccai, Ali Alazmani & Peter Culmer
      Design and Characterization of Tri-Axis Soft Inductive Tactile Sensors [DOI]
      IEEE Sensors Journal, 18(19), 7793-7801 (2018).

    • Hongbo Wang*, Gregory de Boer, Junwai Kow, Ali Alazmani, Mazdak Ghajari, Robert Hewson & Peter Culmer
      Design Methodology for Magnetic Field-Based Soft Tri-Axis Tactile Sensors [DOI]
      Sensors, 16(9), 1356 (2016).