£¨Ò»£© . Eaerly research

¡¡¡¡We began to study the ZnO films as a photoelectric material in 1995. And we have got the ZnO films with UV luminescence in Jan,1997 . In 1999,we got better ZnO films with centuplicate UV luminescence brightness than which of 1997.

¡¡¡¡The ZnO sample got in 1999 was observed strong excited UV luminescence and obvious photovoltaic phenomenon. In 2001 ,we got p-type ZnO with chymic-assistant doping.Then we got homostructure p-n junction and observed evident p-n junction properties with it. Now we are ameliorating the doping and p-n junction technics.Scine 1998,we published about 40 papers in various journals such as Appl.Phys.Lett. and near half of it was embodied by SCI.

£¨¶ş£© . Recent research

1.Disigned and build LP-MOCVD setting.
Patent certificate No:757066 . Published at 06-02-08
It's solved the different condition between ZnO and CSi grown and prevented across pollution.Achieved single-crystal ZnO/SiC/Si by heterogeneity growth.

2.The research of donor and accptor at doped ZnO .
Preparation homogeneity ZnO p-n junction and ZnO Uv detector.

Some Pictures£º

The X ray scan ¦µ of single-crystal ZnO/SiC/Si
The I-V curve of homogeneity ZnO p-n junction and ZnO UV detector
the AFM pic of ZnO sample£¨I£©
the AFM pic of ZnO sample£¨2£©
the excited luminescence and its intensity¡«time curve of ZnO films
some of the ZnO film'sluminescence photo