¡¡¡¡the ZnO Lab Group,Physics Department,USTC

Principal / Founder:¡¡Professor Fu Zhu_Xi
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Office: Room 406, Physics Department, USTC
Other Lab Rooms: 106,119,402,418,419,420,421, Physics Department, USTC
Tel/Fax : 0551 - 3606004 (86 - 551 - 3606004) , ¡¡Email: fuzx@ustc.edu.cn

the crystal structure of ZnO

¡¡¡¡Major research area£º
¡¡¡¡We investigate the wide gap semiconductor materials and their photo-electrical characteristic since 1995.
¡¡¡¡Now we are concerning the
ZnO, which is a type of photo-electrical information material . For example,its UV self-luminescence and excitated-luminescence, photo-electrical conversion and their characteristic of photo-electrical coupling. Now we aim at the photo-electrical UV detector of ZnO p-n junction , the UV luminescence apparatus and laser diode.


¡¡¡¡Since the report of ZnO UV excitated luminescence in1996, and the paper "Will UV Laser Beat the Blue?" published in "Science" (1997.5.9) , the ZnO UV luminescence came to be a hot research area.


the face of ZnO crystalloid