Lindong Liuֶ

School of Management

University of Science and Technology of China


Management Building, Rm. 711

Phone: +86 0551-63600847



Jinzhai Road 96, Hefei, China



Academic Experience

University of Science and Technology of China

School of Management, Associate Professor

Assistant Professor



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

School of Business, Research Fellow


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

School of Engineering, Visiting Scholar




The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR

Ph.D. in Operations Research, Department of IELM, School of Engineering   


Nanjing University, China

B.E. in Control Science and Engineering, School of Management and Engineering


Research Interests

Game Theory, Sharing Economy, Integer Programming, Mathematical Modeling

Awards and Honors

           National Scholarship, China


           Excellent Undergraduate Student Representative, Jiangsu Province, China


           Best Teaching Assistant Award, IELM, HKUST (5 times)


           Best Teaching Assistant Representative, HKUST

           First Prize in the 8th China Meeting on Game Theory and Its Applications



Teaching Experience

           Teaching Assistant

Routing and Fleeting Management, UG, HKUST


           Teaching Assistant

Global Supply Chain Management, UG, HKUST



Introduction to Dynamic Systems, UG, USTC

since 2018


Data, Models and Decisions, IMBA, USTC

since 2018

Publications and Working Papers (* stands for the corresponding author)

           Lindong Liu*, Xiangtong Qi. Proceedings in ICSSSM, 2014 11th International Conference on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

Network Disruption Recovery for Multiple Pairs of Shortest Paths. pdf

           Lindong Liu, Xiangtong Qi and Zhou Xu. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2016, 28(4): 687-702.

Computing Near-Optimal Cost Allocations for Cooperative Games by Lagrangian Relaxation. pdf ec

           Lindong Liu, Xiangtong Qi and Zhou Xu. Operations Research, 2018, 66(5): 1362-1735.

Simultaneous Penalization and Subsidization for Stabilizing Grand Cooperation. pdf ec

           Gongbing Bi, Botao Geng, Lindong Liu*. European Journal of Operational Research, 2019, forthcoming.

Fixed and Flexible Funding Mechanisms in Reward-based Crowdfunding. pdf

           Yunshen Yang, Gongbing Bi, Lindong Liu*. Minor Revision at European Journal of Operational Research.

Profit Allocation in Investment-Based Crowdfunding. pdf

Research Grants

           National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth 71701192), PI,


Title: To Stabilize Grand Coalitions in Unbalanced Cooperative Game, RMB190,000

           Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China, PI,


Title: Subsidies and Penalties in Cooperative Games, RMB50,000

           Departmental Start-up Funding, PI, RMB200,000


           National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key 71731010), Co-I


Title: Social Operations Management: Theory, Method and Application, RMB2,450,000

Research Students Supervised

           Chao Zhang, MSc, USTC, 2016-2019: currently working at SINOTRANS

           Yuqian Zhou, PhD, USTC, 2016-2021 (expected), jointly supervised with Gongbing Bi

           Hongwei Xuan , PhD, USTC, 2017-2022 (expected)

           Zikang Li, MSc, USTC, 2018-2021 (expected)

           Weiqian Lu, MSc, USTC, 2018-2021 (expected)

           Zhendong Li, MSc, USTC, 2019-2022 (expected)

           Xucheng Liu, MSc, USTC, 2019-2022 (expected)

           Zhenyu Wu, MSc, USTC, 2019-2022 (expected), jointly supervised with Yugang Yu

           Other research students collaborated:

Yalei Fei, PhD, USTC, 2013-2018: currently a postdoctoral fellow at Bank of Zhengzhou

Xu Tian, PhD, USTC, 2016-2021 (expected)

Botao Geng, MSc, USTC, 2016-2019: currently working at China Merchants Securities

Yunshen Yang, MSc, USTC, 2016-2019: currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at UNSW

           MBA Students (Year of Graduation):

Wenkai Tian (2019), Wenchao Jiang

           Undergraduate Students (Year of Graduation):

Tian Gao (2019), Yushu Zeng (2019)






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